Unification News for November 1998

My Experience at Jardim

by Lloyd Hudson

Monkeys, macaus, anacondas, paranas, parrots, mosquitos, beans & rice. What do all these things have in common? They are all elements for wonderful sightseeing in Brazil as well as good fishing, dangerous habitants,friendly wildlife, and delicious eating. All of these ingredients together is the reason 40 days at New Hope East Garden in Jardim, Brazil was such a great experience.

Taking an historic picture with True Parents, daily reading of Hoon Dok Hae, participating in work projects and being directly educated by True Parents in true love and ideal family living. These are the main activities that make up the workshop schedule at New Hope East Garden. They make for an experience not to be missed and one that you will never forget.

How long has it been since members who could not speak the Korean language have an opportunitry to sit in an audience where True Parents were giving speeches, guidiance and sometimes one on one counseling in the thought and practice of truew love? I think we can all respond to that question in total unity. It's been too long!! Right?

These training sessions going on in Brazil are designed to educate the whole family in true love and heavenly tradition. Anyone thinking that they should go to Chung Pyung Lake before going to Brazil should think again. Father is calling all U.C. members worldwide to come to South America A.S.A.P! True parents are not in Chung Pyung Lake at this time. Where are they? They're in Jardim, Brazil. And wherever True Parents are thats where we ought to want to be, Amen?

During a session where True Parents were speaking in the huge temple on the New Hope East Garden property, Father lamented with great frustration "Why are there so few couples here? I wanted to give a great blessing!" The significance of this workshop may not be glaringly obvious initially and it may take some time before brothers and sisters start going to Brazil in mass, but when the full scope of this workshop is percieved many members will regret that they didn't respond to Father's call right away.

This workshop in short allows members to condense a 40 year period of attendance of True Parents into 40 days. Family education, practice of true love and heavenly tradition over the duratrion of this period qualifies each family to be bropught into the the lineage of True Parents. Upon graduation you get the precious opportunity to have a picture of your family or couple taken together with True Parents. In other words ; this is considered to be the family level blessing. It is also registration into the kingdom of heaven. Without going through this 40 day training no one can be registered for the kingdom of heaven. Father is calling for 3 generations to attend this workshop. Children, parents, and grandparents. When my wife and I went to Brazil in the middle of the 1st workshop, which started July 22nd, they had what I would call a familyhood ceremony; meaning it was very much like our sisterhood ceremonies. We were matched together with a Korean halmoni.

Her couple is from the 430 couple blessing. She was there without her husband. After we matched she immediately took to us with a warm and embracing spirit. Her name was Mrs. Sao. She took hold of us like a mother hen and led us around the temple showing us off to her friends as if we were prize specimens. In reality she was really the prize because she showed us so much heartic love while she was there. We came late so we got ot see her leave going back to Korea.

Marie and I had many deep experiences which cannot be told at this time because of the lack of time and space in this paper. To conclude this testimony we only hope and pray that members can really catch the South American spirit and respond to the call of our True Parents.

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