Unification News for November 1998

Appeal: The Wanangwe Project

by Dickson Kamoko - Nottingham, UK

We are a group of students who are members of Unification Church . We are planning to travel to the middle of Africa in a remote village in Western Kenya to evangelize in the region. This place has very few churches and through some of our contacts the locals are enthusiastic to join the unification church if one can be set up. We are thus in the process of finalizing our plans and we hope to convert many people and set up a church in the long run. To help us achieve our goal we have been fundraising and so far through sponsorships (e.g. we had a rice and water week where all four of us ate only rice and water to raise money) we have collected one third of the required sum.

We believe that this mission is important and since people are willing to cooperate we can achieve something.We still require more money and we are appealing to anyone willing to help us achieve this goal in any way possible however little donation they may give.

Donations should be made payable to Wanangwe project, University Park NG7 2QT Great Britain. Or directly into a special account number 43093116 at National Westminster Bank Nottingham QMC branch. Or anyone can reach me on mzyshom@nottingham.ac.uk for more information.

Correction from December 7, 2001

Our organization deals primarily with HIV/AIDS education and orphans support in this area and is not affiliated to any religious organizations. Our work is supported with people of all walks of life. Thus the phrase "members of unification church is in accurate and misleading". The original author of the article was Mr Dickson Kamoko who is no longer associated with Wanangwe Foundation of which the project was first borne.

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