Unification News for November 1998

Tom and Kitty Wojcik have Liver Operation

Based on a report by Cheryl Wetzstein

Tom Wojcik, a missionary to Russia until about 1994, now a national messiah to Pakistan, has been deathly ill with Hepatitis C for the last five years. He and Kitty have 6 children, the youngest is 3. The virus has been destroying Tom's liver, and he's been on the transplant list for almost a year.

Lately, he's become so sick that the doctors allowed for last-ditch testing to see if Kitty could donate a part of her liver to her husband. It's very, very rare for married couples to be able to donate body parts because they are *unrelated* biologically.

Well, tests showed that, miraculously, Kitty's liver was completely compatible with Tom's and on Oct. 21, they underwent surgery in Richmond Va. The doctors marveled at Kitty's "beautiful, beautiful" liver (they called it a "hidden treasure") and it was so perfect and big that they took more than half for Tom (they had planned to take one third of it originally).

Tom came out of intensive care the following Saturday and, within 6 weeks, God willing, both of their livers could rejuvenate completely. If it goes as expected, Tom will have regained his life.

Both are recovering according to the doctors' expectations. Tom is still bleeding and he feels internal pain. He will have to stay several more weeks in the hospital before he can be released to a hospitality house. Kitty will be able to move to the hospitality house (near the hospital, under medical supervision) in a few days.

Kitty and Tom believe they are the 2nd husband-wife transplant in US history-- that's how unlikely it is... Their dearest wish to tell Father how grateful they are for their matching and Blessing.

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