Unification News for November 1998

The Mission of the Elder Son Nation

by Rev. Takeru Kamiyama

This is from a speech given at the Boston Family Church, October 31 It was transcribed by George Howe from impromptu notes taken as it was delivered and with translation from Japanese to English. Please study it with this in mind.

True Father told me the other day, we need to follow the formula course. With the formula course, the History of Indemnity is condensed to seven years. By going through it, we then restore ourselves. True Father's worried, the importance of the formula course has been forgotten by members. Many members are proud about the amount of time they've been members in the church but length of time is not important. What is important is the content of that time.

All must go through this Seven Year Formula Course; all Unification Church members must go through it-all 36 Blessed Couples, the president,... everyone must go through it. If one does not go through it, they are not worthy of the Blessing.

We must learn the content of the Seven Year Formula Course. Through the conditions True Father has set, he has condensed 7000 years into seven years. Only within seven years, we can go through 7000 years. This is a highway to the Kingdom of Heaven. The only thing we must do is go through this way. Rev. Kamiyama has been going this way for 40 years. If you ask for some bargain less than even seven years, this is the mind of a thief.

When you determine to go this way, you find there is a separate force going against you. The moment you determine to go, your environment goes against you.

You will soon know Satan is trying to destroy you and your determination. We must make the determination to go through seven years and that we never repeat what Adam and Eve did. Pray in seven years that "I" reach the level that God intended us to be.

What is the content of the Seven Year Formula Course? What is the goal? With the Fall of Adam and Eve, in their place, we need to return to God and unite with all things. To accomplish this restoration, True Father has condensed this into seven years. This is also the course to restore the parent's position and children's position.

Let's read True Father's words about his expectation. True Father wishes for us all to become True Parents. "This is not just theory, this is the course I have gone through from the individual to the cosmic levels." Our task is to restore ourselves to True Parents position.

How do we raise up the next generation to serve God? All who have received the Blessing wish for beautiful children. Is there anyone who expects a lower standard in their children? Everyone expects a better standard than themselves; isn't that true? True Parents hope and expect this as well.

Have you heard the Japanese expression, "Sparrows giving birth to Eagles."? True Father has gathered and raised up "sparrows" to receive the Blessing and he wants to produce eagles. He is trying to produce eagles through tired sparrows. From God's point of view, we are tired sparrows. From us, eagles are to be born and reared. The American symbol is the eagle. Americans respect eagles very much. In Alaska there are a lot of eagles. If you shoot one, you can be fined $50,000 and go to jail. God's plan is to produce the first most beautiful children in Human History without Original Sin.

Content of the Formula Course

We know this is the goal but there are forces that constantly press against us-invisible forces-Satan. We must have condition to repair ourselves and to chase away these forces. Our battle is a battle against these invisible satanic forces.

True Father says that with the Seven Year Formula Course we must establish the condition where we can repair what has been damaged. How to establish and accomplish this goal is the content of True Father's words and life course. The Seven Year Formula Course is a contract that has been made between Satan, God, & True Father. True Father wants us to establish that condition as soon as possible. That must be done through the Seven Year Formula Course. The first 3.5 years is economic restoration (restoring things of creation). The second 3.5 years is for restoring people. All together that makes 7 years. If God takes anyone to His side without condition, Satan will not acknowledge that person and will accuse.

First, we must establish the proper condition which is an indemnity condition and a condition to restore oneself, and all Human Beings from the individual to the cosmic levels. That's why when we receive the Blessing, seven day fasting is done which makes an indemnity condition to be claimed by God. What did you feel three hours before the end of the seventh day? So hungry? Being hungry is the truth of truths. If you can still love God more than your desire for food, God can accept your offering. After fasting seven days you don't die. How many have done seven day fasting? At the end of it, you should forget your hunger and love God.

Second, we need to establish condition for restoring all things. This can be done through Mobil Fundraising Teams for example.

Restoration of Children's Position

Third, condition needs to be established for restoring children. We all wish to have great children but Satan hates this idea. We must repel that force of Satan. How do we do that? What kind of course do True Parents follow? We need three spiritual children. The position of children can only be restored by uniting Cain and Abel children. Through your relationship with your spiritual children (Cain), indemnity condition for your physical children (Abel) can be established.

With Jesus Christ, three disciples were absolutely essential. True Father tells us, three spiritual children are absolutely essential. In the Garden of Eden, three archangels were there. What happened? The three angels failed to follow God's children, Adam and Eve. We must make condition to restore that failure. The three angels were supposed to follow but the archangel Lucifer seduced Eve who then seduced Adam and all fell. How is this restored in order for the originally intended history to truly begin?

Our responsibility is to restore three spiritual children through loving, guiding, and having dominion over them. Through a restored love relationship between Abel and Cain, an indemnity condition to restore children can be established. With the wife having three and the husband having three, both together can restore the position of physical children. With the Fall, the archangels did not follow therefore they must first be restored, then the Fall-the source of these pressing forces-can be restored. We can not otherwise chase Satan's force away in this world.

Through the Blessing, all of Human History-the Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament Ages are all to be restored and from there a new history is to begin. Three restored spiritual children represent the three ages restored, as well.

Also we restore the first family lost with the Fall. The husband with his three spiritual children and the wife with hers, makes the total of eight all together. Eight restores the number of the Garden of Eden. There was Cain and Abel; Cain killed Abel, then there was Seth. Together with Adam and Eve, there were to be three sons and their three wives all totaling eight. We need to restore the number eight through restoring these particular relationships.

From God's Will & the World there is another passage, "What are spiritual children? They represent the angels in the Garden of Eden. Because the angels disobeyed Adam and Eve, we must set up the condition with three spiritual children loving Adam and Eve, or parents, at the risk of their life."

To your spiritual children you represent Adam and Eve. With them you must create the realm of heart where they can sacrifice themselves for the sake of their spiritual parents. We must create such an environment. Restoration of heart can be done by guiding the spiritual children to give themselves up to the parents.

As members of the Unification Church, you can not live free from Satan's attack, without having three spiritual children, thus setting up the condition of three angels helping you. The family will remain still in Satan's realm where Satan can still drag you. Without this condition, no one can go to God's side. This topic is painful for those who are without three spiritual children. It must be spoken though.

What does it mean to remain in Satan's realm? Those children are still in an environment where Satan can touch them whenever he wants to. Without spiritual children, we can not receive the Blessing. This order has been reversed by a lot of brothers and sisters therefore we must correct that.

With absolute unity established between parents and three spiritual children, a foundation for a new history can be secured. God seeks for each one of us here to establish the quality of character within ourselves for doing this. How we are to build this character can be done only by practicing True Love. This can only be built through giving and living for others. It can not be done in the mountains. Absolute unity of three spiritual children can only be done through love. In order to do so we must invest seven times the effort than raising our own physical children. We must teach ourselves the absolute necessity of bearing three spiritual children.

In Japan, few brothers and sisters have accomplished raising three spiritual children this way. With the birth of our physical children, we need this unity of Cain (spiritual) and Abel (physical) children in absolute oneness. First responsibility for this to happen lies with the Mother, to unite the children. Then the Mother connects the children to the Husband and he brings all to heaven. Through all of this, the Royal Family is established.

Restoration of Parents' Position

Fourth and finally, the indemnity condition to restore True Parents' position is to be established, by uniting the Cain and Abel children this way. True Father wishes all of us to establish the position of True Parents. This must be done in seven years. Three spiritual children should wait for and yearn for the physical children of the spiritual parent as if they are waiting for the Messiah. They need to respect and revere those children even while they are in the Mother's womb. Then we can repel Satan. These spiritual children can even give up their property for the children. That much they must love and respect the children.

Education can not be accomplished only by the parents. The archangel positions are absolutely necessary. The parents might attempt to educate the children but if they were to push the children away and their relationship were to snap, it would be over for that family. With the physical children being taught by archangels then even if their relationships snap, the child can still come to the parents. When being trained by archangels, the children may complain about them but the parents still must direct the children to the archangels anyway. Parents can not do it alone.

When we look at the Unification Movement as a whole, very few have accomplished this. If we establish this condition then Satan can have no power to claim anything. I've seen many parents who say they received the Blessing from True Parents but their children went an other direction. Then they complain to True Parents. They do not understand that this is not True Parentís responsibility

Even animals seek a safe environment for their children. When I went to South America I saw a waterfall. There was a bird that would fly through the waterfall to reach its nest and babies because it was the safest place to build the nest and protect its young. True Father clearly knows Satan's force and tries to make us go to this position where Satan can not touch us. We are much better than animals and we must create this safe environment for our children.

If you can not see or know this force, it is best to follow True Father's course. It is our great task and our 5% responsibility to follow True Parents' course. In reality this has not been done. This is the position we are in today.

Satan mercilessly goes to God and accuses the Blessed Couples. True Parents are here surrounded by many layers of Blessed Couples. What is Satan saying now? "OK True Parents are here but where are the True Children and the beautiful world? There is no condition for this." Satan says this to True Parents and God.

Jesus' Victorious Standard

Let's think 2000 years ago to Jesus' time. The condition that was needed at that time was unity between Jesus and the Israelites. If Jesus Christ were successful in doing this, then he could have built the new world. Satan accused Jesus Christ saying, "You did not accomplish this condition of unity so I claim the Israelites representing the whole world, as mine." He went to God with this claim.

God would not lose everything and He consoled Satan to wait. Jesus Christ became an offering of propitiation and for this purpose, he went to Satan side. God received incredible accusation from Satan's side. The Israelites always acted selfishly. Through all of this, Satan wished to destroy Jesus once and for all then his world could prosper again without any interference.

Jesus Christ's first trial was at Gethsemane. Only three of his disciples remained with him. Where were all the others? Jesus Christ told the three, "I am sorrowful even unto death." He begged the three to please unite and "pray with me." No more than thirty meters away, the garden was not so big, Jesus Christ prayed with bloody sweat. That's a very serious prayer.

The Bible records Jesus Christ prayed two kinds of prayer. At first he prayed, "Let this cup pass from me." Then secondly he prayed, "Not my will but thy will be done." At first, in his heart, some part of himself remained. From there, he switched everything over to God. If Jesus Christ had prayed only his first prayer, everything would have been lost to Satan. Instead he got victory, claiming his position apart from any accusation of Satan.

For three times he prayed but with each of those prayers, the disciples dozed off. If Jesus Christ had made absolute unity with his three disciples then the way of the cross could have been avoided. With their lack of unity though, Jesus Christ had no other way to go but the cross.

The Bible also has clear record of how Jesus Christ went through a miserable course of ridicule. On the cross Jesus Christ cried, "My God, why have you forsaken me?!" Right after this cry though, Jesus Christ prayed with a heart of forgiveness for the Israelites, stating they did not know what they were doing. Once again, there were two options. If Jesus Christ ended his prayer with only the forsaken cry, Satan would have completely claimed all. Jesus Christ set the standard, "I give myself to you but please do not touch the children." Three days later Jesus Christ resurrected leaving no condition where Satan could accuse. Christianity started not from the cross but from the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

True Parents in the Position of God

Let's compare this situation with our True Parents' present circumstance. Satan has now accused God, that we are not doing what we are supposed to be, that True Father has stolen the Blessed Couples from Satan's side, and that without their unity with True Father, they have no condition to remain. With Blessed Families' not fulfilling their responsibility, Satan has accused God like this. At the same time, God knows that if the Blessed Families were to be taken by Satan, the future would be miserable. Once again, as with Jesus Christ's time, God will not have this and has told Satan to stop. God is in the position where he has had no choice but to allow Satan to stir up True Parents' family. If Satan could destroy True Parents, then the world of Satan would go on.

We must clearly know that True Father and True Parents are in the midst of trials from God. True Father told us that he asked God to know the kind of tears He shed at the Fall. Satan heard this prayer. He comes in front of God accusing, "True Parents have not fulfilled their own mission."

This is like the story of Job in the Bible. Job was a man richly blessed by God. Satan went to God accusing that Job was so loyal only because he had been blessed by Him. If those blessings were taken away, he would curse God. God said that this was not so and put him in Satan's hand to win over any trials Satan gave him. Consequently, all of Job's property was taken away. His physical body was even hit, from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, with sores. Job took a stone to rub off his skin. Even his own wife asked Job why not curse God. Job answered that he had received so much blessing from God in his life, that he was born naked and he was ready to return naked as well. Job uttered not one word of curse to God after which God, once again, blessed him with even greater abundance out to the end of his life.

True Parents now are right in the midst of Satan's attack, shedding the exact tears that Heavenly Father shed in the Garden of Eden at the Fall. God has given Satan permission to do this, allowing Satan to attack the True Family. True Father has determined to shed no tears for his own situation, thus the tears he sheds are Heavenly Father's tears.

True Father repeatedly has taught us about Absolute Love, Absolute Faith, and Absolute Obedience. Before teaching this, True Father has established the condition of this himself before God. We must know True Parents have two options: one could be, "What about my children?" while two is, "Your will be done." When Heavenly Father lost Adam and Eve, He was so desperate to restore them back. I have recently witnessed the desperation of True Parents to restore the True Children back. If they were to follow the first option, placing their concern for their family before the Dispensation, all would be lost.

What would you do if one of your own children blocked the whole Dispensation of Restoration. Moses struck the rock twice. True Parents display Absolute Love, Absolute Faith and Absolute Obedience. In the area of Absolute Love, there is part of True Parents that concerns their immediate children. For True Parents to turn to their own children in anger and snap the relationship is exactly what Satan wants. Instead, True Parents must stand in the exact position as Heavenly Father at the Fall in the Garden of Eden.

If we are totally united with True Parents, we will not give trials to them. Jesus Christ said you must love your enemy. I struggle with this. I think why not destroy them and create the true world in their place. If they are enemies, why not chase them away and realize the ideal? This has been the content of Fallen Human History. The physical energy might be settled but the spiritual force still remains. So why love the enemy? This is the very reason why.

True Father has taught the exact Principle reason why. "Towards your enemy, if you have the heart of revenge, the whole providence will be reversed. Why we have to love our enemy is the deepest problem of religions and they have been unable to teach this clearly. Both philosophy and religions have been unable to teach this. Now we need to understand why."

"God created the angelic world first. Then God created Adam and Eve. Although the angels were created to receive God's Love, Adam and Eve received God's Love figuratively 100% while the angels received His Love only 60%. Lucifer seduced Eve and the Fall occurred. Lucifer came to God and said, 'You created us, you should love us!' God agreed with Satan completely; Satan was absolutely right." [sorry, the source & script location of this quote is not noted]

With the restoration process, God loves Cain through Abel and restores Satan's spiritual power through this. God is in the position to meet the standard of love that Satan demands, through man, then all is restored to God. This invisible force of Satan can only be made to surrender through love. In the restoration process, Cain always appears as an enemy figure to Abel.

Loving the Enemy of Love

From God's point of view, Satan has always been the enemy. Satan is the Enemy of Truth. God said, "Don't eat!" Satan said, "Eat, eat!" Therefore, Satan is the twister of truth. The entire universe was to come to God through man, but Satan stole it all away. Therefore Satan is the Enemy of the Universe. Finally, Adam and Eve, as God's son and daughter, represented positions to fully receive God's Love. Satan took that away; therefore he is the Enemy of God's Love. Satan demands God's Love. With Satan behind Cain, Cain appears to Abel as the enemy of love, truth, and all things. Unless we have the authority to say we forgive the enemy Cain, Satan's force can not be solved.

To do this is a very difficult task. Let's look at forgiving an enemy of truth. That is not too difficult to forgive. Look at Jesus with the scribes and Pharisees. Or an enemy of things. If someone takes something from you it is still easy to forgive that person. What about an enemy of love? Say that I rape your daughter and throw her in the trash-what will you do? [Kill you!] We must realize a standard of love to even forgive this unforgivable. To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must have the authority to forgive the enemy of love. This is very difficult.

Heavenly Father knows this. The Divine Principle says we can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless we establish the authority to forgive the enemy of love. With Human History as a reference, Heavenly Father knows how difficult it is. Thus Heavenly Father has us establish many small conditions, gradually raising us up to have the power and authority to forgive the enemy, especially the enemy of love. By following this way, we restore this heart of forgiveness.

Therefore True Father gives us many directions with this in mind. True Father directed 4200 Japanese sisters to South America and another 6000 to work around the world, three years ago. He gave direction that they should leave their families and spend three years doing missionary work. This was during the end of the 40 year wilderness course.

Consider the content of such a sacrifice. You have prepared a beautiful true family environment, then you are called away from it for three years. This seems to be breaking up your family. True Father represents the enemy of love, but it's still in God's domain. With such a direction come three types of response: First is #A that says, "Yes, sir-I'll go!"; then, there is #B that postpones the direction, understanding it but finally not going; lastly, there is #C that pack their bags and escape, leaving the Unification Church and creating their own world. Which category are you; A, B, or C?

6000 were called to move out of Japan for three years but 6000 did not go. In other words, God gave the opportunity for hearts to grow but that opportunity was lost for many. Apparently too many. Satan went before God and said that authority to forgive could not be recognized. In turn, God said, "Wait, don't touch the Blessed Couples!"

True Father's Victorious Standard

From this position, Satan has attacked the True Family and True Children. Perhaps you saw the video cut with Un Jin Nim denying True Father's Messiahship. Also, how she has been attracted to and married a 54 year old man. From True Father's point of view, Un Jin Nim is his object of love, his daughter. What about the 54 year old man? What is he to father? He is an enemy of love. If True Father had resentment toward the 54 year old man, the providence would end. A Mafia boss, if he lost his beautiful daughter to someone, he would kill him. True Father however can not do this. If he does, the Providence would be reversed.

What kind of position is True Father now? True Father is unchanging. He should never have been put in the position he is in now. The True Parents are in this position due to our shortcomings. True Father has two choices: 1) to destroy the enemy of love, or 2) to continue his offering towards the ultimate fulfillment of God's will. True Father is determined to walk the path where he leaves no condition for Satan's accusation and that leads to Satan's surrender.

With such a True Father we must unite. 2000 years ago, the subject of Jesus Christ's prayer at Gethsemane was, please don't touch Israel-forgive them, they don't know what they're doing. If he had the unity of even his three main disciples' prayer and support, the crucifixion could have been averted. A true world could have been built and God's abundant blessings could have come through their unity. We must learn from the mistakes of Human History. We can't make the same mistake made by the disciples. We must have Absolute Love, Absolute Faith and Absolute Obedience and go over this hill, then the new Providence will come.

Many are now coming, attacking True Father from a humanistic viewpoint stating, "You teach True Love but look at your children!" We must stand in a different position, understand our failures, and unite with True Parents.

As far as True Father's attitude in daily life, I have seen, he just marches on. A normal person could be crippled. The outside person might also say, "Before you preach to the world, you must preach to your own family." In spite of all of this accusation, True Father keeps marching on, continuing to preach to the world as he has always, and rejecting this element of selfishness thus standing in God's position. In times like these, we must unite completely with this attitude.

Brothers and sisters are being sifted. True Father says, "All Blessed Families have been caught in a net. Satan is ready to attack True Family and only the leaders can make the necessary indemnity conditions to solve this. Whatever attack, I will never say anything! If so, Satan could attack everything, from the 36 Blessed Couples on out. So I must continue to march on!"

Now is the time we must uphold the standard of Absolute Love, Absolute Faith and Absolute Obedience. The only thing that Satan wishes to destroy is True Parents. He attempts to do so through those closest to them, the True Children.

True Father said in the Garden of Eden, it was so difficult to restore Adam and Eve because God was invisible while Adam and Eve were visible. Now it's easier because True Parents are visible now. If we unite with True Parents, the cold ice will melt back to the original situation. Now is the time we must truly repent deeply. I give a warning to you, let's never repeat the same mistake of the three disciples. We all must march on!

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