Unification News for November 1998

New Hope Garden of Eden and Absolute Faith

by Rev. Ki Hun Kim-Chicago, IL

This is from a sermon given by Rev. Kim, 10/18/98 at the Chicago Church, just after returning from the 40 day workshop for National Messiahs in Jardim

St. Peter wrote a letter to Christians during a time when they had no central figures and been scattered and told them to have faith in God (I Peter 1:21-25). He mentioned that the hope of faith will occur when we live in God's word, the truth.

When we went to New Hope Garden of Eden, True Father told us that this was not a workshop, but a training session. I'm not sure how they are different, but he was very clear that they were.

After I returned from Brazil, Rev. Pak called me and asked me "Are you OK? Mentally that is." He had heard many stories after National Messiahs were returning about how difficult it was so I replied "I am full of TF spirit and mentally OK." Many National Messiahs returned to Korea after Brazil very sick. It was almost all men, except for 1 woman. There were many elder brothers and older members and we younger men were worried about many elder members, their health and the tough schedule. We would wake up at 4am, then we would have breakfast at 5am and go fishing at 6am.

After we were out on the river, we would have local people drive us so we wouldn't become lost because the river had many side streams. The weather was very hot, it was so hot that we jumped in the water with our clothes on in order to cool off. But after 1 hour our clothes were dried off. Three or four times a day we would jump in to cool off. We would fish until 6pm and then we would return. Then at 8pm we would read Hoon Dok Hae with True Father until 1am or 2am.

We lived in a small house; 100 people crowded into 1 small hall for everything. We slept and ate and studied there. 1 restroom was used by everyone, even the True Children. Everyone was so busy that even True Children didn't even have time to do anything outside the daily schedule.

Father is very serious about Hoon Dok Hae. Without truth no one can live in hope and faith.

Olympio is in the north of Paraguay. It was a big shock, living in one room and kitchen. TF doesn't care about external conditions. Raining or hot he doesn't care, he just goes fishing everyday.

If you invest you will prosper. Without absolute faith, love and obedience no one can attend the messiah. Everyone who wants to understand must understand these 3 elements.

Travel to Olympio takes a long time. It was 9 hours by plane from Chicago to Sao Paolo. Then it was another 2 hour flight to Campo than a 4 hour drive to Jardim. Then we had to take another 4 hours by bus to the river and from there is was 3 to 7 hours by boat to Olympio.

Many people struggled with the $3000-$4000 cost to attend the workshop. TF said it takes total faith and absolute investment. Father said that if we don't attend my country will struggle with me as NM.

TF wants us to catch 40 each of 4 different fishes. It is a 4 year course 40 days each year. During the 4 years we must finish the condition. But during the 40 days I couldn't even fulfill finishing even 1 of the 4 fishes. I caught a total of 46 fishes. So Father told me I could come back again. Sitting in a classroom and studying and hearing testimony and going fishing is not so bad. I don't know when I will go back, but I will.

The water is clean. Water pigs live in the water, did you hear about them? Very large animals. Many people got cut fingers, the fish have big teeth. Every day it would happen even though we were lectured to about this and we knew the situation. Someone gets excited when they see the big fish they just caught and they would just grab for it and get their fingers bitten.

Father wants to live in an unstained world. The population there is about 2000, the locals are called Indios, descendants of the Spanish and local indians. I skipped fishing 1 day and went to the nearby village. The families live in 1 room for everything. Father said that we don't need TV or fancy furniture. The last thing Father asked me was when I can move into this area.

The Paraguay region needs a visa. I only had a Brazilian visa but got the local authorities gave me permission to come in and stay for 30 or 40 days. Everyone around there knows True Father. Centering on Jardim for 400 kilometers around TF is purchasing land. If no national government accepts us we can prepare our own are to build. Every time a small plane flies by the natives point and say "Rev. Moon is coming!" They all know Father.

I want to encourage all Family members to attend. It is 'Not optional'. There you will receive your registration into the kingdom of heaven. You need to attend as husband and wife together. If you do then True Parents will take a picture together with your couple. This photo is your registration in the Kingdom of Heaven. Even though TM was sick they sat for hours and took pictures with 700 couples.

I believe that now True Parents don't just visit South America, they live in South America.

I felt that the 40-day training theme was when Father mentioned the first night about absolute faith, love and obedience. The first declaration at Jardim, 4/31/95, says that God created all things through absolute faith, love and obedience. It means we must deny ourselves and follow. Whoever invests himself in an unlimited way will prosper forever. Absolute faith, love and obedience are the main thought to receive the 2nd coming of the Messiah.

The Second Declaration at Jardim, 8/7/98, says that God is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. We must stand as absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging children. We must live at absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging couples. We must become absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging parents. And we must live as absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging families.

In the Third declaration at Jardim, 8/21/98, Father said that the blessed families are in the 3rd creator position, God is the 1st creator, Adam & Eve are the 2nd creators and the Jardim workshop families are the 3rd creators.

The 4th declaration at Jardim, 8/28/98, said that Heavenly Father and the Blessed couples are in a Parent and child relationship. So we cannot betray God.

The 5th declaration was the 4.4 commencement, 9/8/98, and means human beings began centering on a satanic 4 position foundation. Now it is changed. We are building a 4 position foundation centered on God.

Registered families should follow the 1 to 5 declarations. True Father said this is the requisite to be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Father mentioned one heavy point, this is the problem of the education of young people. PLA, Father is inspired by them and said to do this in every country, do rallies and demonstrations.

Next year in Taiwan or Japan a big blessing of young matched couples. The goal for the US is 1000 couples to bring to Japan or Taiwan. Chicago's goal is 200 couples or 400 people. Go World Travel told me they have already made the reservations.

It would take 50 days to explain my 40 days in Brazil. Time of struggles, happiness and joy. One day we would see True Parents in a happy mood or a serious mood, then the situation could quickly change.

So, keep hope. If we lose hope we will disappear. St. Peter wrote to the Christians to encourage them in troubled times.

Who are the people who will remain in this world? They are the people who are burning with faith, hope and passion. We should examine every page of history and investigate the rise and fall of nations and look for the people who held fast to faith and fidelity. The people who are burning with hope and zeal and do not hesitate to risk their lives for the sake of God are the ones who are close to God.

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