Unification News for November 1998

Come Break a Leg with CARP

Well, not really. But why not come to our exciting annual SKI WORKSHOP in Boulder, CO. Two days of fast and furious skiing (or gentle, you choose!). Two days of stimulating lectures. Godís Day celebration with 300 members. Great food for the body and spirit. Here are this yearís dates:Schedule

Sun., Dec. 27: Arrivals-Come early to rent your ski gear
Mon., Dec. 28: Ski Days-At Eldora resort, just 40 minutes from the Academy. Friendly family resort with classes and skiing for all levels
Tues., Dec. 29-30: Workshop-At the University of Colorado. Separate programs for new guests, members, leaders and ghosts
Thurs., Dec. 31: Workshop-At the University of Colorado. Pure Love seminar for everyone with a special program for children
Fri., Jan. 1: Celebration-True Godís Day Celebration. At the World CARP Academy, and the University of Colorado
Sat., Jan. 2: Departures-Leave after breakfast. Have a great year!


CARP Members & Guests

Includes five days and five nights accommodation at the World CARP Academy, and all meals from Sunday dinner to Saturday breakfast: Skiing $210, Non-Skiing $140

Family Package per person

Includes lunch and dinner only from Sunday dinner to Friday dinner: Adult Skiing $150, Children under 12 $100, Children under 5 $50

Book your own motel or use our special CARP rate. Adult non-skiing 75, Children under 12 $50, Children under 5 $30


1. Book now before prices rise
2. Economy Motel Accommodation: CARP Special Rate: Double Bed $46, Two Double Beds $55
3. Ski Prices include $25 for rental equipment. Deduct if you bring your own
4. Non-skiers can enjoy special rates at the Louisville Recreation Center, which offers swimming, waterslides, sauna and jacuzzi. Organized excursions on ski days

To make a reservation please call Andrea Rissanen at (303) 447 9402. 

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