Unification News for October 1998

Dae Mo Nim's visit to Europe

by Remy Hammett-Frankfurt, Germany

We recently had a series of special workshops here in Europe together with Dae Mo Nim. The workshops have brought about a lot of hope through the liberation of our members from countless evil spirits. The success of these workshops could only come about through the incredible hard work and investment made by both leaders and members alike. Every workshop was a victory. European members could receive from Dae Mo Nim incredible spiritual support during this precious time.

In Germany, the preparation of the workshop was very good. They set a good standard for the other workshops. Through these two workshops in Camberg, over one thousand brothers and sisters from Germany and neighboring countries could reflect upon their life of faith, repent for their unprincipled actions, and liberate their hearts.

The start in Great Britain was a little difficult, but everything ended up with a victory. Dae Mo Nim had to speak very strongly to wake up the member's spirits. She was very inspired but the big tent which the British Family had erected for the meeting. Around 800 brothers and sisters were present. The Hungarian brothers and sisters gave all their hearts to welcome Dae Mo Nim. The hall was full of brothers and sisters (almost one thousand from 14 nations) who have been waiting for Dae Mo Nim. With hope and desire. They were so enthusiastic that even Dae Mo Nim warned that the police might cause some problems. The help of the Korean students from the Sun Moon university was one of the supporting factors for a wonderful workshop.

Dae Mo Nim was very happy after the workshop, saying, "It was very good". The Italian movement was also able to organize a wonderful event in Colle Mattia - their national headquarters. The hall was full of around 800 brothers and sisters. The Italian family could organize a separate room for mothers and their children apart from the main from where Dae Mo Nim spoke. Through his, Dae Mo Nim was more able to concentrate on her speech and her spiritual work. She was very happy about the atmosphere brought about but the fully heartistic participation of the Italian brothers and sisters.

Dae Mo Nim brought many good spirits to Europe who had been liberated from European members whilst they attended workshops in Chung Pyung. These spirits who were originally evil spirits liberated from our members' bodies have since been educated by Heung Jin Nim in the spiritual world and have now been able to return to our members as good spirits and as their spiritual children. At the same time, Dae Mo Nim took away many evil spirits, which have been attached to our bodies and has sent them to a hundred-day workshop in the spiritual world. In the same way, they will eventually be able to return to members as "good spiritual children" and support us in our work.

Through Dae Mo Nim's tour throughout Europe, the hearts of our brothers and sisters has been very much moved. We could see and feel her True Love toward our brothers and sisters in everything she did and said. Dae Mo Nim promised to bring a special gift for European brothers and sisters when she visits Europe again in the near future. In Chung Pyung Dae Mo Nim found and established a unique water spring with a source that is 940 meters under the earth. True Father named this spring "Chun Sin Soo" which means, "Water of Heavenly Spirit". It has the same effect as the Water of Life, the only difference being that it can be used outside of Chung Pyung whilst the Water of Life cannot. On every occasion when she had to say good-bye, Dae Mo Nim expressed her pity for the very short time she was able to visit. Though the content of her messages varied slightly from nation to nation, the underlying contend was the same. During all of her speeches, Dae Mo Nim emphasized seen fundamental points necessary for our life of faith:

1) We have to establish True Families. Husbands and wives must practice True Love between themselves. The should not fight with each other but unite and make harmony.
2) This point relates to the Fall of Man. Do not look, touch or eat. There must be no compromise. You have only one spouse; there cannot be any other objects.
3) Do not misuse public money.
4) Do not hurt the heart of others. We have to be careful what we say about others. When we talk we should speak nice and beautiful words.
5) We have to give tithing. It is a condition to offer everything to God. In Korea and Japan even three times ten percent is offered according to True Father's direction. 6) Pledge service on the first day of each month, Sundays and each holiday must be kept. Hoon Dok Hae on every single day must be kept.
7) We must respect and attend the church leader. The church leader is in the position to represent God and True Parents. Heavenly blessing can only come through the church leader. Therefore, we should be eager to attend the church leader.

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