Unification News for October 1998

It Happened to Nancy by an anonymous teenager, A true story from her diary

Book review:
Edited by Beatrice Sparks, Ph.D. $4.50 / Avon Flare books
reviewed by Cathi Close-Arlington, VA

"She thought she’d found love ... but instead lost her life to AIDS."

Every parent should read this book. Every teenager or pre-teen should read this book. It’s a true story and one that you can never forget. Even before she died, "Nancy" dedicated this book "to every kid who thinks AIDS can’t happen to him or her."

Nancy was only 14 years old when she contracted AIDs. Because Nancy had asthma and already a lower-than-normal immune system there was no incubation period for the AIDS virus which she contracted. She began getting sick immediately. Shortly after her 16th birthday she died. This book was written from her personal journal. It covers the relationship that led up to her first and only sexual experience. It was not consensual. It was date-rape from an older boy whom she was heads-over-heels in love with.

During the course of the following two years, Nancy wrestled with the reality of this dreaded disease and her passion and love for life. She’s young and naive. She’s precious and personable. Her future was stolen from her because of a lie she believed. Here’s what my own teenage children had to say about It Happened to Nancy .

"This book taught me more about the reality of AIDS than anything I’ve heard so far. I feel like so many facts are always being pounded into me. I’ve heard them so many times. But this was a true story. It really happened and she was a real person." Jason (13 years old)

"This was not like reading about AIDS in a health book. This was a girl just like me. She had friends. She had hopes and dreams. Now they will never happen." Michelle (12 years old)

"I learned alot about the dangers of trusting the wrong kind of person. It could cost you your life like it did for her." Michael (14 years old)

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