Unification News for October 1998

Testimony to General Chang Song Kim

by Ennio Garau-Cyprus

I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Kim as she was guiding the prayer to support the campaign for RFK. I had the privilege to be there when she gave a short testimony.

Her paternal Grandmother was a very devoted Buddhist. When her mother became pregnant with Mrs. Kim the grandmother had a dream that the child to be born would be a very special child. Therefore she prayed that the child would become a person totally dedicated to Buddha, every day going to the temple and making offerings and prayers for the sake of the child.

Her Mother was a very strong and faithful Christian and she prayed every day "Please Jesus take this child and let her be a missionary for your will". She grew up with these two very strong spiritual influences. She was absolutely and totally loved by all her relatives and grew up surrounded by the love and attendance of her family.

After she joined the Church she could not understand why people had resentment or hated each other. At the time of our engagement, the spring of 1981, she was in Kwangju, my wife's home town, and I probably met her at the church at that time. She was a regular member, her husband was the local VOC leader while she was busy raising her three small children. Although aware of her spiritual gift, she did not want to have anything to do with it until somehow God told her He needed her and she accepted. True Father has said that she is a gifted person and wherever she goes she has the ability to move the spirit world. He also said that if he could have ten people like her it would be very easy to restore this world, and that a person like that is born every three or four hundred years. True Father called her "My friend". She always teaches to pray and her prayer is always very strong and yet just at mentioning True Father's or the True Children's names she is always in tears. Her love towards True Parents and True Children is something I wish I was able to develop.

Her greatest wish is that we all are able to move the spirit world to be able to accomplish the great task ahead of us. She is not a pusher or someone who speaks from on high but wants to empower blessed couples to be what they know they can be. She is a wonderful loving person and her sincere love for all members is the most amazing thing that I have witnessed, especially for a Korean she has the ability to embrace and lift up all people of any race or color.

Her basic teaching is about prayer and how to get practical results with it. She has been an invaluable help to my spiritual life and I wish everyone had a chance to meet and pray with her. Her great ability, in my opinion, is to empower the blessed couples to exercise our God given power to work with and dominate the spirit world. Our mission is an impossible mission and the only way to be able to do it is through prayer. I am learning to pray after 21 years in the UM. I wish you all success.

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