Unification News for September 1998

My Personal Experiences at One Heart Camp

by Rosa Davies-San Diego, CA

As I reflect on my experiences on my way back to San Diego, I cannot stop being so thankful for Heavenly Father’s presence at One Heart Camp.

One Heart Camp was the first priority for our kids this summer. We couldn’t plan our schedule until we knew when the workshop would take place. Finally, we received the notice, but another problem had to be worked out-that was transportation. The camp is about 12 hours from San Diego and I could not drive all the way there. So we decided to make our journey going by Amtrak from San Diego to Vallejo. We transferred four times (altogether, two trains and two buses) and from Suicin City my brother drove us to Aetna Springs.

In some ways this year’s camp felt the same as the others. On the other hand, it was externally different because we had a lot of second generation on the staff. Led by Eunha Stein and Mike Lagrasso, the second-generation staff planned some fun activities and games where the kids could review Divine Principle and Bible questions in a more fun way. Internally, the second-generation young adults helped our middle and high-schoolers immensely.

By the middle of the workshop, I started to feel some personal struggles. I realized that I had not visited the Holy Ground as we used to do in past years to pray deeply for the kids, not just routine shallow prayers. The kids were having fun and were united, but I was not seeing a breakthrough and deep understanding with the older kids. My daughter was not in our team, but when I tried to talk to her, she seemed very distant. I felt things were getting worse. I have helped at many workshops over the years and I have never felt a feeling of running away. I called my husband one night and I asked him to pray more for us. But it was myself that had to pray more desperately as well. Gradually my prayers were beginning to feel deeper. I prayed for a breakthrough, not just for my daughter, but especially for all the other kids who needed it the most. I begged Heung Jin Nim and Daemo Nim to come and help us. They sure did! One older second-generation sister, Grace Hill, was so influential in the spiritual lives of most of the kids there. She spoke to them so openly. Heavenly Father really used her to convey His sorrowful Heart to His children.

When I visited the Holy Ground on the last day, I did not know what the kids’ reflections had been since we did not have group meetings after the yut game. So I was still unaware if there had been a breakthrough spiritually-not just the fun of feeling good and high-spirit. That morning at 6:30 am, I walked from my cabin to Holy Ground. As I passed Robin Cox’s house, the three dogs started walking with me. Suddenly, tears started coming down. When we finally reached Holy Ground, I was overcome with tears and a great warmth and a feeling of relief. The dogs were surrounding me, just watching me as I prayed. I did not want to leave this place, but I had to go back for morning service. This morning some kids would give their testimonies. All the kids who shared their feelings that morning were very sincere.

Almost everyone had left by 6 pm. Aetna Springs was quiet and peaceful. It was easy to reflect and be with nature. Sitting outside the Social Hall and looking at a humming bird suck the nectar from the flowers and looking towards the other side of the fence, just next to the road, a deer was wandering about. Suddenly a special warmth overwhelmed me again. Deep inside I heard, "You asked for my help and I did it."

There was a breakthrough in many of the kids. Some may not have got the message and some may have been too young to understand deeply, but they sure had a good experience.

A special thanks to Rev. In Hoi Lee, Rev. Thompson, all the parents who were praying for this camp, especially to all parents who took their time to be there for a week to help. Also to all the older second generation who inspired our middle and high-schoolers, who are going through a very critical part of their growth.

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