Unification News for September 1998

Pure Love Rally in US Sparks Rally in Britain

by M. Zaccarelli-London, UK

We, five young sisters from HARP UK, met the Pure Love 97 Tour in New York and joined them for the last couple of weeks across the East Coast of the USA. It was an amazingly powerful group of 300 Second Generation, CARP members and guests going from city to city in huge buses holding dynamic rallies and marches promoting Absolute Sex, Pure Love, abstinence before marriage and fidelity within marriage-it was amazing!

Purity Among 2nd Generation & Youth

Father had directed Jin Hun Nim, the World CARP leader, to address the problem of immorality within youth in America through the Pure Love Alliance, and Mother had earnestly asked him to educate the Second Generation about sexual purity. So the tour was a combination of the two, where the Second Generation-with a strong conviction of sexual purity-encouraged people in the main cities to save sex for marriage. When we arrived in New York, the tour was having a "rest day" at the Unification Theological Seminary, giving us the opportunity to overcome our jet lag. We were assigned to our different groups, in which we practiced a three-minute Absolute Sex speech for street preaching. We were introduced to everyone after dinner as the sisters from Britain and we received welcoming applause. Everyone was so friendly and embracing. The atmosphere was beautiful.

The First Day

Our first taste of actual rallying was in Albany, where we all piled out of the buses and instantly formed an organized formation of two long lines. We made our way to the capital steps, shouting in perfect unison chants like: "One Love! One Life! One MAN! One WIFE!" and "Dont need promiscuity, we uphold our dignity!" "Love is good and sex is great, If you care youll want to wait!"

I was in the group at the front and it was absolutely amazing to look back at this huge snaking line of white and gray tee-shirt clad teenagers passionately preaching purity to stunned passersby.

In each city we marched and chanted for nearly an hour, and in most of them we stopped at the rally site where there was a program of performers and speakers, and then marched back to the buses.

The performers included dancers, choir songs and rock songs accompanied by many energetic sketches, Won Hwa Do demonstrations and most intriguing of all: the dancing STDs-Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Genital Warts. The media generally liked those a lot. Usually after the rallies we would split up into our groups to do a fund-raising signature drive called "A Dollar For Decency." Occasionally you would meet someone dodgy who would laugh at you or say they had four wives or that they were homosexual. But the number of people who did support us, with occasional $20 donations, was surprising. We seemed to stir their original minds quite a bit.

Pure Love Day

After Albany, we went to Boston, Bridgeport, New York City twice (since we did not get enough media coverage the first time around and Jin Hun Nim was not having that, Philadelphia, Richmond, Atlanta, Baltimore and Washington DC. In most cities, it was declared Pure Love Day in honor of our message, and we received a lot of support from Congressmen and Senators. In Washington DC the mayor asked if the Pure Love Alliance could teach pure love in their schools.

We stayed in church centers where meeting rooms and dining areas transformed into bedrooms at night. Brothers slept in tents and suffered ruthless attacks from fire ants and mosquitoes. Once or twice we were privileged enough to stay at a hotel, where everyone was finally blessed with access to a shower.

By the time we arrived at the final city, Washington DC, our number had grown to 500. The Washington Times fed us a banquet dinner the night before and we hit the streets for the last time, rallying passionately in Freedom Plaza. We were on five TV channels and a radio station interviewed Abigail German, one of the British contingent. We ended the rally by marching up to the White House where Mike Balcolm led us shouting and clapping "Keep it sure! Make it pure!" back and forth along the long stretch of pavement in front of President Clintons residence. It was hot and we were tired and thirsty. But we just continued this crazy marching. After about an hour and seven circuits, there was still no sign of Clinton. We thought we would stop but Mike kept saying "Just once more!" and we continued until the police told us to go away. Although Pres. Clinton did not come out, he definitely heard us together with the other 10 million people throughout the tour, with all the TV, newspaper and radio coverage we attracted.

Back in England

The amazing thing is that it did not stop there. As soon as we got back to England, there was a seven-day HARP workshop in Cleeve House, Wiltshire. After showing the British Second Generation videos of the mind-altering achievements in America and teaching them some of the chants, we were set up and ready to march into Bristol with the message of "Absolute Sex!" We spent a whole afternoon, the day before, practicing in the large grounds of Cleeve House achieving a sense of unity which is all-important when marching. We were all a little apprehensive about the next day knowing that we would be in the public eye; nonetheless we felt this was a test of our faith and we must succeed.

Although there were only about 30 of us, aged between 12 and 17 years, compared to Americas 300, equipped with only saucepans and spoons with less preparation and a lot more persecution, we had even more passion and enthusiasm-shouting, singing and preaching at these bemused people of Bristol. Jeremy Speller and Maria Miller gave powerful speeches in one of the main squares in the town shopping center and the Western Daily Press wrote an article about us.

Absolute Sex Tradition

As we marched through the streets, I was filled with absolute pride and happiness to be leading this strong and righteous group of Gods children. We were continuing the Absolute Sex tradition set by Jin Hun Nim, bringing Pure Love to Britain. I could feel God cheering for joy with us as we ended with three Manseis on the street.

After it was all over we returned to our workshop venue feeling absolutely elated. We had done what we wet out to do and we had shown that we could demonstrate our faith. This is such an important issue to be airing in public and we could understand why True Father is so eager to get people talking about Pure Love. It was truly amazing and I hope you can all join us at our next rally in the summer of 1998 perhaps, in Trafalgar Square. "Well blow Britains brain away!"

M. Zaccarelli is the HARP Student Leader in the UK. Reprinted from The European.

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