Unification News for September 1998

Keeping It Pure in Asia

Miho Yoshida, 19 yr. Old
PLA member Chicago

Holding a pure love tour in two countries very different from America was a very bold idea. Having been a participant in the cross-country tour last year, I rushed to sign up for this year's international tour.

As an American, I felt incredibly responsible for the crisis that Japan is facing. Korea is starting to face problems about family breakdown, but Japan's problems are full blown and ready to explode. The Hollywood lifestyle exported from America to the world has created this concept in other countries that free sex is okay and popular.

Of course as Americans, we had to show the other countries that not everyone in America followed this lifestyle. We also needed to tell them how much "free sex" hurt and how to have a more fulfilling life by practicing "Absolute Sex," which is abstinence before marriage and fidelity within. I believe that these are both essential to both ones physical and spiritual well being.

Being in Japan was a whole new experience. It seemed really crowded and small compared to America. I remember that sometimes at the places we were staying, we would cram our sleeping bags on the floor, and there would still be a few people who would not fit. So we would cram some more until we fit, which meant we were like sardines in a can. It was pretty funny.

Although the media did not cover us very much, we still got the attention of many people on the streets of Japan and in the buildings surrounding our marching routes. It felt really good to be screaming out for purity and family. I could see on the faces of the participants, how meaningful it was to be doing these activities.

The Japanese people were very organized and really took good care of us. After Japan, we had the opportunity to take a ferry to Pusan, Korea. It was fun, the ocean was really beautiful. Korea was completely different from Japan. The culture and people were very different.

We were less organized, but the rallies and marches had lots of the fighting spirit that characterizes Korea. We also had a brother and sisterhood ceremony where each World PLA member was matched to a Korean PLA member. My partner was my age, and I really felt like she was my sister. She was very helpful and friendly. I am really glad that I was able to participate in the PLA tour this year, and I feel that it really changed the lives of many people.

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