Unification News for September 1998

Pure Love Alliance's 1998 Japan and Korea Tour

Miwa Krishnek

My experiences on the Pure Love Alliance's 1998 Japan and Korea tour was very different from those I had on last yearís national tour.

From the beginning I really felt that God didnít want me to remain the "silly little girl" that I was last year, but wanted to use the tour to prepare me to be a leader of the future, as True Father wants us all to be. For instance, the day after I arrived at the LA CARP center from Seattle, I was asked by the central figure of the center to give a 10 minute testimony about my experiences on the Pure Love 97 Tour. I very vividly remember giving my life testimony on a bumpy bus as we drove on across America last year; my palms were clammy, my elbows down to my knees shook uncontrollably and I talked so fast that a majority of my listeners couldnít understand a word I was saying. Yet, in that center in LA, something pushed me to agree to give a testimony and although my hands shook a little, I was confident, managed to convey all my points, and I didnít talk that fast. Also when we arrived in Japan, I was shocked to find out that not only was I a team assistant, but I was also the youngest team assistant by at least a year and a half. Although it may not seem like a huge deal, being a team assistant was definitely a major jump from being the incapable, youngest girl on last yearís tour.

Externally the tour was also very different from last yearís tour. The humidity in Japan was unbelievable and it took a lot to overcome the heat. Fortunately, come rally or march time, the weather was always bearable thanks to rain before or during the rally.

The rallies were fun (I was one of the dancing sexually transmitted diseases!) and the marches were huge, and although our media coverage was close to nonexistent in Japan, I know the PLA made a lot of progress with major educational leaders.

In Korea the K-PLA has already been influencing a lot of schools so the situation wasnít quite as serious. During our visits to the 3 Korean cities, it rained constantly but the Korean PLA participants were so bright, bouncy and energized that the rest of us didnít have time to reflect upon our soaked condition. Although our marches were a tad unorganized, we still had plenty of media coverage and lots of fun. One great thing about the Korean portion of our tour was having our "Korean Matching"; each of the World PLA members had the opportunity to be paired with a member of the Korean PLA whom they got to know and spend time with. It was a sad day when we separated from our partners to go to Chung Pyung, even a few tears were shed.

Chung Pyung was a very wonderful way for the tour to end and it was my personal highlight of the summer. When I first arrived at the site, although we were surrounded by lush forests and rivers, my stomach was in knots, and when I saw the inside of the site those knots became even tighter as my fear-controlled imagination compared the place to a concentration camp. But, even then I was awed by the determination and inspiration that shone on everybodyís faces. As I listened to lectures about the spirit world and the importance of ridding evil spirits from our body to liberate them and ourselves, I really began to feel inspired. I could feel the angels helping and guiding me through the many Ah Soo sessions and Dae Mo Nimís scolding lectures brought forth many tears of repentance and gratitude.

In conclusion, Iíd like to thank Jin Hun Nim, all the PLA staff and all the Japanese and Korean members for supporting and helping us so much and for making the Pure Love 1998 Tour of Japan and Korea possible. It was GREAT.

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