Unification News for September 1998

A Time for Prayer and Healing

This is the text of a statement released to the membership by HSA Headquarters, New York City, on September 10, 1998.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

You may or may not be aware of negative stories currently in the media. Much of it revolves around the recent publication of a book called In the Shadow of the Moons, by Nansook Hong (Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1998). It may not be a pressing matter for you to read this book, but occasions may arise in which you find yourself called upon by friends or family to respond to issues raised.

We write at this time to offer information, positions, and reflections which will help, should such occasions arise.

In the book and related negative media, you are likely to encounter certain recurring themes and attacks. We have identified approximately six such areas and have given these matters very careful consideration. As you prayerfully develop your views and understanding please make use of the following aspects which should be considered when addressing these points:

Issues of Personal and Marital Abuse

As you know Father and Mother both teach and embody the noblest ideal of love and mutual respect between husband and wife. We have been taught from day one that our spouse is God's own child. For men, our wives are daughters of God. ANY form of abuse or disrespect, and certainly physical abuse, is absolutely unacceptable.

Issues of Financial Misuse

Father teaches and practices the principles of honesty and integrity in financial affairs. All of the businesses and non-profit organizations affiliated with the Unification Church (HSA-UWC) are audited by a firm of certified public accountants every year and are in compliance with IRS regulations.

Issues of Political Power

All evangelical religions have as part of their mission the spread of Gospel, the "Good News." Unificationists believe God wants His love to reach all people and naturally invest in spreading Unification teachings.

Father's opponents argue that father personally seeks political power. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Father is a 78-year old religious leader. He has never sought political office or power. He simply leads the life of a devoted religious leader. As with other religious leaders, Father seeks to influence society and culture to embrace spiritual values embodied in his religious teachings.

Religious Freedom

Father has a deep and abiding love for the United States and its tradition of religious freedom. He has great respect for America's Judeo-Christian foundations, and for the many great religions which currently influence American culture. As a religious leader, Father adds his voice to the many who express concern over current trends toward extreme individualism and excessive materialism. True Parents are completely sincere in their work for the sake of America, its freedoms and its traditional Judeo-Christian, family values. These works, including those listed below, are in no way a ruse in order to gain membership in the Unification Church, or to "legitimate" True Parents' religious teachings. Father has initiated a great many projects to support spiritual values in America. These include:

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
True Family Values Ministry
Women's Federation for World Peace
The International Coalition for Religious Freedom
Pure Love Alliance
The Washington Times Foundation
The American Constitution Committee
The American Leadership Conference

Teaching and Practice of Family Values

As we all know, the restoration of the ideal family means everything to True Parents. It is the core of their life's work and the unending content of Father's teaching. Families are the dwelling place of God's love, and the place where people learn the basic patterns of living an upright and positive life.

But the family is not an isolated and self-centered entity. Father teaches that the family should be dedicated to serving the welfare of the society, nation, and world. No one applies this concept more fully than Father and Mother, and as such their dedication to the world mission has entailed an enormous sacrifice for their children. Sadly, problems can arise from this, and have. Still, Father and Mother did their very best to love and educate their family, even while they devoted themselves sacrificially to their world mission. Despite difficulties, they are a model couple in terms of living as True Parents for their own family and the world, and this remains as valid today as ever.

Lifestyle Issues

The property that houses Father and his family is owned by the Unification Church and serves primarily as a center for local, national and international conferences, and secondarily as housing for his large family and the conference center staff. The constant presence of church leaders and guests, at times numbering over 500, creates the very opposite of self-indulgence. Family members live without normal privacy enjoyed by others.

It is widely known that True Parents maintain a severe spiritual discipline, dedicating long hours in prayer and teaching and conducting a public ministry at great cost to themselves and their family.

Furthermore Unification doctrine has never encouraged poverty for its own sake. Father encourages members to develop their talents, and devote their blessings and prosperity sacrificially for the public good. He encourages his children to pursue their extraordinary talents, but this parental impulse is not limited to his children. Reverend Moon enthusiastically invests in ideas and projects arising among church members in many areas, ranging from performing arts, to fishing industries, technology, and manufacturing.

We think you will come across these themes generated by negative media and recognize where particular aspects of the above information are applicable.

Even though this information, applied together with your own life of faith can help you to digest and respond to upcoming challenges, please always refer all media to Mr. Chris Corcoran, the official spokesperson of HSA Family Church headquarters. His phone number is 212-997-0050 x213; his fax is 212-719-4784; his e-mail is pr@hsanahq.org.

As always we are praying for you and for all Blessed Families. Please continue to pray for one another.

We fully anticipate that our faithful dedication to God will allow for this event, as with all things related to God, to work together for good.

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