Unification News for September 1998

Second Generation Recreation Institute Established in Liberia

by Augustine S. Arkoi-Monrovia, Liberia

I am honored to you the 2nd Generation Recreation Institute of Liberia. As a result of the eight-year civil war in Liberia, the parents of many children were killed, leaving many homeless and in orphanages. Such children became a very serious problem for society, as they found their only means for survival by taking up guns (child-soldier), thus prolonging the war.

The 2nd Generation Recreation Institute was established three years ago based on the motivation of transforming and remodeling the lives of these destitute children into a desirable fashion benefiting society. It first started as a kindergarten school with less than 15 students, and was soon recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education as a Middle School after just one year of excellent performance. The school now boasts about 400 students.

Since our Institute is not geared toward profiteering. We rely on donations from friends and sympathizers to run the Institute. We are right now making an emergency appeal to raise the sum of $4000 (four thousand dollars) for the effective running of the remaining 1998 and 1999 academic year.

Projects to be implemented include:

1. Balance two-year’s payment (of the five year lease agreement) for the building we are currently occupying.
2. Painting and renovation (roof leaks during rainfall) of the school.
3. Purchasing of new prescribed text books from the Education Ministry.
4. To subsidize teachers' salaries.
5. Introduction of the Korean Alphabet in our Institute (first of its kind in Liberia) beginning in the 1999 academic year.

Knowing of the economic hardship that is being experienced by Koreans during this era, coupled by supports that should rather be rendered to starving people in North Korea, we will wholeheartedly appreciate any little amount you can afford as an individual. We also encourage you to kindly extend our appeal to other friends and organizations that you are affiliated with.

All donations should be made through: Citi Bank N.A. New York (63007-0799). Account with bank: Liberia United Bank Inc, Monrovia Liberia, through Citi Bank 111 Wall St. New York NY 10043 ABA# 021000089. Beneficiary Customer: Acct #: 612000555.

Second Generation Recreation Institute , c/o Rita Arkoi, Co-founder/proprietor, Tel: 231-226016 / 226734.
For further information contact Augustine S. Arkoi: holangi@hotmail.com

We are kindly asking you to become a Special Patron of The 2nd Generation Recreation Institute. Please join us and become a sponsor for the education of our young future leaders. Many thanks in advance.

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