Unification News for September 1998

Paradigm Shift for the New Millennium

by Rev. J. H. Pak

I would like to share with you how the dispensation is changing and developing. First of all, do you have a memory of the MSG victory. We cannot forget, don't you think so? Sometimes when I think back to the MSG event if feels like it was 10 years ago or 1 year ago. I have this kind of feeling because Father's dispensation is moving forward so quickly and there are so many new directions coming. Because of this, my sense about time is a bit confused. However, I have only good memories related to MSG and I feel proud and deeply appreciative when I think about this time. This was truly an exciting time when we could show our deep and valuable life of commitment and dedication. I have this kind of fruitful feeling about this time. I believe that everybody here had that kind of experience as well.

For a successful life we always need to build up more. We often say I did enough, but Father always challenges us. Father has brought great victory and result throughout his life and will soon change the entire world and cosmos, but in front of God, he always feels sorry and repentful and pledges to do more. Father always has this kind of humble, sincere and pure attitude before God. This morning I encourage everyone to make a new start. Together we will make a victory hundreds of times greater than MSG and soon we will offer to God and True Parents a new history. Amen?

The year 2,000 is just seventeen months away. Some scholars say that the year 2,000 is not important and that the year 2001 marks the new millennium. However the year 2,000 is coming soon. Think about it. God is the almighty creator and owner of the cosmos and human life; He's the origin of the cosmos and human life. His dispensation is millions of years old even though the Bible records 6,000 years. The year 2,000 is not only the year 2,000. From the point of view of God's dispensation it represents 6,000 years. From the time of Jesus it represents the third millennium and from God's dispensational view it represents the beginning of the 7th millennium. So actually, from Jesus' point of view the year 2,000 marks the beginning of the 3rd millennium and from God's point of view it marks the beginning of the 7th millennium. This is very serious. The world is changing and God will become the almighty God and ruler. The history of pain and suffering marked by struggles, divisions, divorce, etc. will continue to go down. The conclusion of this type a history is drawing near. We will bequeath a better legacy to our second and third generation.

The providence of restoration advances through the payment of indemnity. Only through sacrifice and indemnity can we bring about this kind of world. Until the year 2,000 we need to once again unite and sacrifice; once again we need to invest all of our energy and knowledge and unite to challenge Satan. This is the history of indemnity. This is what outside people don't know.

How is history changing? Economy is changing; politics are changing; culture is changing. How is today's economy different from 2,000 or 4,000 years ago? Even in America, poor people have enough clothes. The clothing material we use is stronger. So the worldwide economy is much better than long ago. Today we eat food and wear clothes imported from all parts of the world. Even the Roman emperor of 2,000 years ago did not have this type of luxury and yet this standard of living is considered average in today's economy. Amen? People thought that America's economy is the strongest. Some Americans were even happy to witness the current economic crisis in Asia taking pride in their own wealth. But now America is realizing that if the Asian economy goes down so does the American economy. Why? Because now Asia can not afford to buy American products. Now we are realizing that we need to have a global perspective; we are a global village and we need to have global solutions. Without this kind of mentality, we cannot survive and make a peaceful life and world.

Hyun Jin Nim mentioned yesterday that globalization represents a paradigm shift in our thinking. All over the world now we see that globalization is facilitated by the boom in computer and telecommunication technologies. We also see these technologies applied to ocean and space research-for example, the unearthing of the Titanic wreckage; a probe to Jupiter. This kind of development and globalization is quickly changing the world. Because science is so developed, people are now discovering the unseen world. Soon they will discover the spiritual world. There will soon be complete communication between the spiritual world and the physical world. Who is conducting this program? God. Why? For His world of perfection.

America is now the political center of the world. Only America can help solve such problems such as the fighting in Yugoslavia and the nuclear arms race between India and Pakistan. America is like the world police and the world government is heaven. Satan is now invading the white House. This is the climax. Would you like Clinton to be kicked out of the White House and receive the Holy Wine and to start promoting True Family Values?

True Parents are the Messiah. Through True Parents, for the first time true love appeared on earth. What is true love? We need to write on paper our definition of true love. what is the meaning of true love? There is a simple answer. True love is simply: love plus God. Why do we need true love? Because we have untrue love. We need to overcome untrue love: false love, fake love, Satanic love. This is the history of restoration and salvation. So the meaning of true love is very simple: love plus God. Love is not created alone. We need a partner, don't you think so? Subject and object, husband and wife, parents and children, Cain and Abel, whatever. We need a partnership for give and take centered on God. Centered on Satan is un-true love.

In 1960 True Parents appeared in Korea. True love started in Korea. Because true love came, true life and true lineage started. Korea is very important because True Parents come from there and true love starts from Korea. The Messiah's responsibility touches all things: technology, science, art and culture, politics, etc. Most important though, the Messiah is a spiritual giant; a religious giant who brings the revolution of heart, the revolution of love and life style and the revolution of blood lineage. In this way he will build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven before the year 2,000.

The year 2,000 is 1 year and 5 months away. The leadership of New York and America, especially New York as the center of America and the world, needs to bring a revolution. In our meetings we should be concerned to discuss, plan and develop programs, make unity and develop a model of victory. This is very important! This breakfast meeting is not a joke and should not be conducted merely out of habit and routine. We should take ownership as representatives of God and True Parents. We are the creators and conductors of a new heaven and new earth. We are now in the central position of the new world. Our leadership is very important. Knowing this, we need to develop ideas and new programs based on our meditation, thinking and discussions. We have to bring victory.

So True Parents brought true love; True Parents sacrificed and paid indemnity for all people of the world. We are now giving the Holy Wine. We are blessing, witnessing and educating people in True Family values and helping and guiding them to become true sons and daughters of God. Before the year 2,000, Father wants to guide all people on earth to perfection. This is Father's goal and mission before the year 2,000. Do you follow what I mean? Yes. So True Family Values and the blessing are very important for the year 2,000.

This morning, our IOWC leaders will discuss ideas and strategies to teach True Family Values and to invite people to the blessing. They will discuss how to teach True Parents and True Family's tradition through Hoon Dok Hae study and how to reach the level of perfection. We all will become children of God in the household of God and become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. That's very simple! This is the goal of the year 2,000. To change the world and cosmos is our responsibility. Do you understand? Yes! Bill Clinton is responsible for World Politics, Wall Street is responsible for the world economy, Bill Gates and Microsoft are responsible for technology, Steven Spielberg is responsible for Culture and Michael Jordan is responsible for world sports. What then is our and True Parents responsibility? Family revolution and true love revolution. This is very simple! Don't have complicated thinking . Principle is very simple. The formula is very simple.

Now we are witnessing dramatic changes in technology, politics, science, economy, culture, etc. Sometimes is good if we donít watch TV for 10 days because so there is too much digest and follow. All of this will just confuse us. Why is human life changing so suddenly? Because the dawn of a new millennium. This is the conclusion, the alpha and omega! Are you excited? Yes! We are simple people but because we joined the Unification Church we could reach this point and participate at this time.

In preparation for the Madison Square Garden event, Father made serious prayer and indemnity conditions while in South America. We just made the external preparations by bringing top religious leaders, the 2,000 voice choir, over 1500 ministers, etc. etc. We brought an amazing victory but we were only responsible for half. The most amazing thing about MSG is that we laid the foundation to open the doors of the Kingdom of Hell. Represented at this event were 34 saints and sinners: the four saints were Jesus Christ, Confucius, Buddha and Mohammed. Among some of the sinners represented were Karl Marx, Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin and Kim Il Sung. These people were blessed on the same stage at that time.

In Dr. Song Han Lee's book, one of the most important thing he expresses is our ancestors anxiousness to be liberated from hell. Father did this on June 13 in MSG. Can you believe this? Even Kim Il Sung who led the attack against South Korea during which time I lost my parents was forgiven. Kim Il Sung is my worst enemy. But even Kim Il Sung was forgiven and liberated. He even became a Blessed couple. He us my younger Blessed Couple. This is a dramatic change. So we prepared half of Madison Square Garden. If we go to the spiritual world, is it going to be exciting or boring? Exciting! We'll sit down to talk about MSG with Kim Il Sung. But those who complained about MSG and did not work hard will not have good memories to take with them to the spiritual world.

Normal peoples attitude is to recognize the importance and significance of an event after the fact. But a prophet, a forefather and pioneer's way is to always be wise and to understand early on. Such a person anticipates and makes all the necessary preparations beforehand. The year 2,000 is only 1 year and 5 months away. Should we prepare and bring victory now or should we struggle to bring victory after the year 2,000? Which way is better?

After MSG, True Parents went to South America. Father then ordered the start of IOWC worldwide. IOWC formed in 1972 by Father and Reverend Kamiyama in America. This movement has started again. Father also prepared an education center in Des Jardins, South America capable of educating 10,000 people at one time. It is located in beautiful and pure wilderness isolated from civilization. It is like the Garden of Eden. Father prepared this area and is inviting Blessed couples there from all over the world.

So far I have talked about our mission and dispensation and the dramatic changes going on in the world, but what is the purpose of our physical and spiritual life on earth? What is the purpose? To become a man and woman of perfection. What is perfection? To become a muscle man like Hulk Hogan or to become like Bill Gates or Mohammed Ali? Is that perfection? Perfection is to become the fruit of true love. We have to practice and experience true love. Even homeless street people or handicapped people who are not physically beautiful can become perfect if they own true love. To own true love though they need a spouse. They need God because true love is God + love. Please remember that true love means making the 4 position foundation with our spouse and children centered on God. This is true love. This is perfection of our human life.

By the year 2,000 our blessed couples and everybody have to reach the perfection level and direct dominion level. Restoration or recreation is to separate from Satan and to arrive to the perfection of the growth level and then through True Parents matching we become husband and wife. But this is not good enough. We have to follow True Parents and True Family to arrive to the perfection level. Up to the top of the growth stage, our ancestors pioneered, but the perfection level is unexplored and there is no model. One of True Parents greatest difficulty is to pioneer the perfection level and to establish a model so that we can follow. They are ahead of us and calling us to reach their level. For this, we have to follow True Parents successfully to reach perfection. With God and True Parents we establish the four position foundation on the perfection level. This is very serious. This is our most important challenge before the year 2,000.

God gives the truth. The truth is the road map and manual to go back to God. True Family Values, the Divine Principle and Hoon Dok Hae are the road map. This is why True Father said that every morning we should do Hoon Dok Hae. Father and Mother are also directly teaching which is why they prepared Chung Pyung Lake. Who is conducting CPL? Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. Chung Pyung Training is like a jar that we need to empty and clean out. We are sinners but Father gave the blessing. Even though we received the blessing , we still have a lot of fallen nature and bad habits. In Chung Pyung we can have strong repentance and study the Divine Principle. This will help our growth to perfection. Actually, we received the blessing without even reaching the top of the growth level because dispensationally True Parents need 36 Bless Couples, 72 Bless Couples, etc. Even though we are not good enough, Father gives the blessing conditionally. So by going to CPL, we can clean ourselves-a clean jar.

But this is not good enough. We need to fill the jar with new truth and our new personality filled with the Holy Spirit. We do this by going to Des Jardins. So we have two different education centers. Father said we should not come to Des Jardins alone but to come with our family. The full name of the Des Jardin Training Center is "Education Institute for Ideal Family for World Peace." In the Garden of Eden, God expected a family with the original standards of Heaven. Des Jardins is like an ideal family mass production factory. This means that space for 10,000 couples is not good enough. We need capacity for 100,000 couples or a million couples.

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