Unification News for September 1998

Calling all CARP Ghosts

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of CARP?

No, this is not a question from some futuristic version of the Spanish Inquisition or House Committee on un-American Activities. But we would like to hear from you, very much.

For the past four or five years, CARP has been focused on three main issues: creating a Purity Movement; educating young members and 2nd Generation through the STF; and rebuilding a foundation on America's campuses.

These days, our main CARP centers are in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC and Bridgeport, with smaller activities in San Diego, Boulder and Seattle. But we'd like to expand again, especially in those schools where our members and 2nd Generation students are studying.

Under the guidance of Jin Hun Nim, we are gradually streamlining CARP membership to a basic course of seven years. The first one or two years out of High School are spent working full time on the STF. Then comes four years of full time college, followed by a graduate year in a leadership role. This marks a big change from the past.

One thing that would really help is to have an active alumni association. Father once said that people never truly leave CARP, but just become CARP "Ghosts." In that spirit, we'd like people who are joining CARP today to learn about the activities of the past, hear the testimonies of the immortals, and perhaps get a larger perspective on how valuable the CARP training can be.

The first step is this appeal. Make yourselves known! Please send your email, snail mail and fax and phone details to Michael Balcomb by email to worldcarp@aol.com, or by mail to 4 West 43rd St., 3/F, NY, NY 10036. In return we'll put you on our mailing list for our CARP newsletters and other exciting activities, including the World CARP Academy and the Pure Love '99 tour. If you want to, please include a photograph of you and your family, or even a testimony or anecdote for our upcoming Alumni newsletter.

Hope to hear from you!

Michael Balcomb

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