Unification News for September 1998

Blessing My Hometown - Restoration of my Hometown

by Chris Bihary-Painesville OH

Family restoration and hometown tribal love have been a challenge to me and my family. The hometown providence has given me and my family a perspective on Godís historical heart, through the enduring situations. This story of family perseverance shows that to gain victory of tribal love, one has to set the goal and, step by step through Godís formula of True Love, establish victory.

In 1990, the message for home town sent us from the World Mission Center (full-time missionary) to do hometown in northeastern Ohio; we could move to my home neighborhood in 1992. There, with family and clan and all my home schoolmates, we started the tribal love work. Every year in my town there is a summer celebration for the city folks to gather in the town square. From here I started our familyís work by having a booth set up to bring them the Blessing. The first year I made a booth for sales of gift items. The following years I made information booths for Womenís Federation, then Family Federation, and now the True Blessing Booth. We became known as the cityís Moon family. At first we were externally persecuted; sometimes we were even rejected. But folks here in this town are still friendly and know the good basic family root that I came from. I was known as the rebel. The one who did things different from others: becoming a hippie, rock and roll and being a Moonie! Publishing my own high school underground newspaper REVELATIONS, I was well known as a person who was not afraid of speaking the Truth. Well, that all changed now that it became known I was a Moonie disciple for the last 20 years. People believed me in heart, but they were apprehensive about my so-called religious beliefs. When they would talk with me, they found I was very full of spiritual insights and scriptural understandings. This led them to have a change of mind about me and my family. Especially, being an international family, the ethnic and racial barriers could be overcome. Hometown for me was dealing with a small community which did not have too much concern or connection with the larger realms of society. It has been well contented with its ongoing situation. The problems of societies have been very minimal; that is to say, there have been no natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes or the like.

I have every year, at this summer festival, become a symbol of a new tradition of strength and perseverance. At first I could meet many young couples for whom my proclamation about True Families had great appeal; this message made sense to the elderly as well. I was calling this my home and I was staking the Moon claim of the True Love Tribes here in the town.

Within the Structure

Through the childrenís activity and my volunteerism, I could begin to win the hearts of the folks here in town. I knew it would take time for this family feeling of True Love to grow, but I still had to persevere every day, and year after year making a mark of accomplishment showed at the fair. As a parent at the birth of a child, one might feel pride, but the job of being a parent is just at its beginning. Blessing í98 the meaning of Parentism and town education is really the time to begin the true mission. The family training of True Love now will be implemented in the creation of Hometown Family Values. I have a good heart connection with my involvement. through last yearís summer party I have Blessed many people, such as the judge and the local city, state and congressional officials and representatives. I have let my Moonie perspective be known in many areas.

Last year, 1997, I blessed folks from all areas of lifestyle, such as: bank robbers, ministers, Cleveland Indians players, school teachers, etc. My family has been supportive but I have always served and made effort to be a good, filial son. This is important; doing it becomes a tradition. When you do something and then forget about it, that is the key plan. One must never count the many good deeds one does, but build upon it as one takes responsibility doing it with a loving heart. After a while it becomes a natural love that you enjoy doing for others, as well as others feeling that joy when you do it. Only love can give this feeling.

Blessing í98 Family/Tribe

After returning from Puerto Rico, working at the Navy base, I had a chance to bless many for the í98 Blessing. My wife being Japanese, she went to do Blessing work and family witnessing in her hometown for three weeks in Japan. Back at the Blessing í97, I worked for three weeks in Washington DC, so now my wife was working in Japan this year. This family sacrifice and offering was made by all the family. Coming to America 25 years ago, my wife only visited her hometown once; it was 10 years ago, after our first son was born. She really did not get a chance to see all her childhood friends. This time she could go home as a Moonie and proclaim her Love of God and True Parents. Testifying to the international Holy Blessing, she could give many Blessings to her hometown family.

On Fatherís Day, June 21, both Eiko and I had the opportunity to Bless our Tribal Clans. In America, my cousin (who has received us warmly since 1982) had a graduation party for their youngest daughter. I Blessed the celebration cake with Holy Wine with permission to give this special Blessing to all my relatives young and old, creating a true celebration day. On the other side of the planet, my wife was having a special banquet with all her relatives and she also had a special Holy Wine ceremony sharing the cup of True Love Blessing with them. This is now a Tribal Holiday for us!

Hometown Tribal Blessing

My family became involved in sign-making and poster-making for this event. I had spiritual dreams every night for seven days. I met many ancestors of the city and dreamed of holding a Blessing rally every night. Most of the booths at this city fair are 10 feet by 10 feet, but I rented two spaces making a very large statement about what I was doing. I felt the need for as much spiritual space as possible. I used some special gifts, showing the banners and flags to really decorate and honor the Blessing booth. I set up a Holy Wine table with special Holy Wine Lemonade as well as a video display table, which accented the charts from the True Family Values book.

One of the best situations working to create this hometown Blessing was the Blessed children, who were really investing themselves giving out the holy wine and candies. The Cleveland church director, Joel Lindstrom, along with three blessed wives and their children, also participated with the Blessing Festival. This is the Northeast Ohio Blessed Families who together could make this victory. We also had others who had been Blessed last year come to the booth and help too.

Buying and pre-Blessing the candies was important because when the festival was on, so many could receive the blessing as fast as we could give it. Keiko Biddle, Martha Toshiro and Megumi Lindstrom helped to make that foundation of having the candies ready and putting them together with flyers. The Blessed children were so pure in heart that even the hardest of hearts I have known for five years broke down and received their Blessing from them. Yoko, my six year old daughter, was out there for almost 20 hours in three days. But the support of my two boys, ages 12 and 10, supplying a tandem effort, played a part in passing the goal. I truly did not expect at first the 8,000 goal beforehand, but by that Sunday evening we were out of Holy Juice and Holy Candy and were well beyond our goal. This made a joyous sound unto the Lord!

My biggest joy was Blessing so many friends and family in my True Tribal Hometown. Example: my high school friendís band was ready to play music for the townspeople in the gazebo. I went with a silver tray holding 12 cups of Holy Wine to the band. I announced this is the time of Blessing. One of the Carrol twins (in this famous local band) said "OK, everybody, drink!" The bass man said, "Is this Moonshine?" The other twin said, "Not! It is Moon Wine!"

I said, "Yes! It is Holy Wine! I give you the Blessing!" The whole band drank up, said thank you and the music played.

Next month is the county fair; the Northeast Ohio FFWPU has a Family Booth, and we will also have a Family Federation Trailer in the County Parade. The Blessing is coming! Truly the Kingdom is come like the lightning flashing. All shall enter the gates of Heaven! Now is Parental birth and responsibility.

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