Unification News for June 1998

Infringement of Religious Freedom in Singapore

I am writing to you to let you understand the state of our Church here in Singapore and also the plight of members who have foreign spouses. Our church was registered on 10th Oct. 1980 and was de-registered on 2nd April 1982. Sixteen years have passed but the relentless and ruthless persecution of the Singapore government on our members has not stopped.

Early this year, a brother who is blessed to a Korean, returned back to Singapore for the Lunar New Year. His wife has entered Singapore on two previous occasions but this time unfortunately, the immigration barred her from entering and she was detained at the airport and put on the next flight back to Korea. Her baby boy was weeping when the authorities separated him from the mother and the family was broken up from their annual reunion dinner that they planned for some years.

Almost every year there are a number of such heart-breaking news that strikes fear and terror in the hearts of Unificationist couples here in Singapore.

We have decided to publicize our situation here in Singapore on the Internet in order that we can have a united stand. The situation in Singapore has divided us as the situation has made it practical for each couple and family to fend for themselves; the Church may be banned but we are not going to let it happen to our family

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