Unification News for June 1998

Court Hands Down its Decision in the Case Against the Unification Church

HSA Russia-Moscow

On May 21, 1998, in the Kuzminsky District Court of Moscow the final hearing of case No. 7C "N.V. Babkin, N.K. Russkikh and others vs. the Unification Church of Russia concerning compensation for moral damage" took place.

In several interviews with the mass media the plaintiffs insisted that they had presented undeniable evidence of the destructive effects of the Unification Church's activities on themselves and their adult children who are members of the Unification Church. The chairman of the St. Petersburg Inter-regional Committee for Defense Against Totalitarian Sects, N.K. Russkikh, insisted that the Unification Church had caused her severe moral damage by "zombie-izing" and committing "psychological assault" on her adult daughter. She and the other plaintiffs stated that their children becoming members of the Unification Church had caused them physical and moral damage.

In the course of the case the plaintiffs could produce no evidence of any damage suffered by them because of the Unification Church. The Director of Public Prosecutions in the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow's Kuzminky and Presnya Districts produced no evidence of any legal violations by the Unification Church. The psychological examinations of the plaintiffs' adult children carried out by psychologists from the Legal Expert Medical Service of St. Petersburg City Administration confirmed the absence of signs of "dependent mental disorder," and the psychologists' report pointed out that conflict situations had existed in the families long before the children joined this church.

The court dismissed the plaintiffs' case.

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