Unification News for June 1998

The Significance Of Blessing '98

Talk by Rev. Joong Hyun Pak
Belvedere - June 21, 1998

We brought tremendous historical victory at Madison Square Garden June 13.

For that we can be eternally grateful to God and True Parents. But that victory is not yet complete, for we will now continue to work zealously to fulfill the remainder of the 360 million couples. We will bring a total of 240 million couples by the time of the second stage Blessing, which will take place February 3, 1999. We can even go far beyond that number, which is Heaven's expectation.

When we think of the number '120,000,000' it is a very big number--seemingly impossible to reach--and yet this is the victorious number we reached. If we counted such a number on our own hands, we probably would not have enough years left in our life to complete it! To God goes all the glory!

We can all be happy that we fulfilled this goal and our First and Second Generations can be proud that we worked together to accomplish this. I have to give all the appreciation at this time to God, who is invisible, and to True Parents, who are visible, for they are the Trinity that brought victory at Madison Square Garden. You and I joined together and worked hard for six months to achieve this success, but actually without God and True Parents bringing a new and vitalizing spiritual atmosphere in which we could work, would we have accomplished this so easily? It would have been much more difficult.

Germany has shown great determination. with many pre-Blessing numbers to their credit. It will remain as a providential nation and not be replaced by Uruguay, as reported last month (see accompanying chart).

It was God who created humankind in the beginning, and since the time that Adam and Eve fell, God has been the One who decided how the indemnity was going to be paid and how humankind could be brought from Satan's side back to God's side. We have paid indemnity down through the ages, even through the World Wars I and II. People haven't known why they suffered, why they received persecution, why they died. We have gone through dark history. We ourselves have created that dark history, rejecting and prolonging God's blessings. At various times, God has sent that tiny "Seed of Life." It is God who decides when and how to send the Messiah, the True Parents.

Let us now look into the significance of Blessing '98 , going over some key points. One thousand five hundred Christian churches worked together with us for the Blessing. Prior to MSG 5,000 Christian ministers received the Blessing.

The 2,000-voice interchurch choir at MSG came from a total of 77 Christian churches. I asked various people if they have heard of such a large choir before and all have told me they have not. especially one representing so many different churches. Definitely, this was different. To be there in the Garden in person and hear that many voices resounding the Hallelujeh Chorus at the end of the ceremony was quite dramatic.

The staff at Madison Square Garden was completely supportive, going even beyond their usual duties to accommodate our participants.

NYPD Escorts True Parents

The New York City Police Department was cooperative and supportive as well. They provided a "presidental-level" police escort for True Parents. They expressed appreciation for our good organization to unload and reload 520 buses. They had not thought it was possible until they witnessed our good planning efforts. In fact, they thought that the movement of 150 buses of a previous group scheduled there was commendable until they saw what we accomplished with our 520 buses!

Noah Got Blessed in His ARK

We can also credit God with the weather. We have seen evidence in times past how God seemingly controlled the weather at our various events. June 13 was no exception. The rain started and stopped at just the right times that Saturday. It stopped as we entered and stopped as we departed. Before and in-between it rained! Someone said, "Inside MSG was 'Noah's Ark', outside was judgment!" The Heavenly Festival was going on inside, peaceful and joyful. There was the feeling that God conducted everything. We have to deeply appreciate God. We have to more deeply appreciate God and True Parents with our faith, love and obedience. God's careful and thoughtful orchestration to include every detail is humbling.

It showed good heart and good production the way a video was displayed for the activities and land of various religions represented on stage at the Blessing. That part was very impressive. All the religious leaders showed respect for True Father and True Mother. It was very significant to have Judaism so well represented, along with Christianity (Protestant and Catholic), Islam and others.

Participants experienced satisfaction, and our members felt pride and joy and a sense of victory at Blessing '98. I asked my daughter, who had brought five of her high school classmates, "What kind of experience did your friends have"? "They were so inspired," my daughter replied. As the six of them returned to their homes in the Cherokee jeep in which they were all riding, some of the parents checked over the program and the materials in their packets they had received at MSG. The parents were impressed as their daughters explained the beauty and value of our wedding ceremony.

When we think of our young people today we realize how few wedding ceremonies there are. Two people meet, live together for awhile, then go their separate ways when they tire of each other. As one media person observed, "There are so few American young people having weddings, but so many having funerals or attending funerals! Drug over-doses, suicides, etc.

There is one humorous espisode I will share with you that occurred prior to the Blessing on the premises of Madison Square Garden between a couple of our members and the media camera crew: two members decided to go around the arena and Holy Salt it. The television satellite crew were watching and asked them what they were doing. When they told them they were sanctifying the place, the cameramen said "please include us, please salt us too! And our cameras as well! We can use it!"

There are many reasons we have to be thankful for the famous 'Madison Square Garden.' True Father, of course, gave a great speech there in 1976. as well as the famous 1982 2,000-couple Blessing. But now, at this 120 million-couple Blessing we know that True Father blessed historical figures in the spiritual world and that with this Blessing the spiritual and physical worlds have become one. As time goes on, more and more we will come to understand the reality of it. The world is now becoming educated through the Hoon Dok Hwe readings. After all, St. Paul got one glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven and it kept him going for many, many years--with zeal and expectation!

The two worlds will be working together now to bring in the Kingdom. People working for God on the Earth will not be struggling so much to bring results. What we call "miracles" will be everyday, natural occurrences. When we think and when we pray, answers will come quickly and clearly. There are so many things we can look forward to now. Our own spirit will begin to soar to heights we never realized could happen.

Nevertheless, we, in our physical bodies, must do the work for God on the Earth. We must be God's voice, His hands and His feet and go out to witness and pre-bless everyone. Even though we went far over the 120 million- couple goal (143 million couples to be more exact), still we must bring total victory for the 360 million Blessing. We must feel the urgency.

"I wish I Had Met You People Before My Divorce"

For example, to tell you another 'cameraman story' from Madison Square Garden: One fellow was lamenting to one of our members "I wish I had met you people before my divorce went through--things might have been different." We must seriously move ahead to save marriages and save families. Many people are floundering aimlessly about, waiting for substantial direction for their lives and waiting for True Love.

Tribal Messiahs, please become active if you have not already become so. Don't let this crucial time in history pass you by. And bring up your children in the strict tradition so that they go the heavenly way. They will thank you for it. Who represents the Godhead in the family? The grandparents. If children understand the position of their grandparents, there will be more harmony and love in the family. This is the best protection for the children. The grandparents are in the position to educate and give the greatest love to the grandchildren. Good spiritual life and tradition is the best gift we can give to our children, not soft living and "the best of everything,"

Blessing '98 was a Cosmic Event

True Father spent many days in prayer with God seeking guidance concerning the pardon and liberation of even those in the realms of Hell. Many of those liberated had been enemies of God, causing much pain and suffering to the sons and daughters of God down through history, including recent years. In all the realms in the spiritual world, the Blessing was extended. Blessing '98 on June 13 was a great day of Liberation and Celebration for Heaven and Earth. The heart of God and True Parents is bigger than anything we can imagine. It will be years before the world in general understands just what a Cosmic event transpired on that day.

From the Hoon Dok Hwe scripture book The Value of the Blessing we read the following words:

The value of the Blessing, centered on God, is the meeting place of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. The 66 books of the Bible are not scattered; they are organized by the word "Blessing." The value of the Blessing is the door which opens the solution of thousands of years of searching.

"Without Passing Through Christianity You Cannot Enter The Kingdom of Heaven"

Blessing '97 opened the doors of Hell, breaking down all human barriers-racial, religious barriers, generation barriers, denominational barriers, and all barriers. We welcome that. And what is Jesus' wish after two thousand years of effort? "Without passing through Christianity you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven." True Father has proclaimed America "Elder Son" nation. America is the bride nation because Jesus Christ established the Christian center of the world. America must now serve the world with a new love and a new seriousness.

I want to express deep appreciation to each of you and your hard work bringing about our victory for God and True Parents. Especially to those who mobilized to New York from all across the country, serving day and night for 40 days, 21 days, 7 days. And to everyone everywhere, we needed each and everyone to bring this offering to Heaven. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound....

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