Unification News for June 1998

Blessing Ceremony in Uruguay

by Jesus Gonzalez-Montevideo, Uruguay

On Saturday June 13, 1998 three hundred people gathered in the Victoria Plaza Hotel in Montevideo to participate in the Blessing ceremony.

The ceremony began with welcoming remarks by M.C. Steven Boyd. The National Anthem was played and afterwards a brief explanation of the program of events was given. Immediately following the description of the program, Mr. Jesús González was introduced. He offered an explanation of the meaning the Holy Wine Ceremony, the Blessing Ceremony as well as a description of the 40 day separation period and the Three Day Ceremony.

Participants of the ceremony also received a printed version of this explanation, which was included in the program handed out to all present. At the end of the ceremony each participant was able to receive an envelope containing Holy Handkerchiefs and a printed explanation of the 40-day separation and the 3 Day Ceremony.

Included among the participants in the ceremony in Montevideo were members of the various Federations established in Uruguay, employees of our companies here, contacts made by the Japanese sisters and others who came through an invitation made by the Family Federation's radio program.

The satellite transmission took place almost perfectly, with the exception of a couple of small difficulties in the image and sound. As a whole, everyone agreed that this ceremony was much warmer and more appealing than the ceremony, which took place in Washington, D.C. in RFK. Reasons given for this included the fact that Madison Square Garden is a smaller place, thus creating a more intimate atmosphere, the contribution of the 2,000 voice choir and the manner which the various representatives of the different religions addressed the participants, including the use of video presentations.

With the end of the transmission, congratulatory remarks were offered by Steven Boyd, with an appeal for ongoing participation in the effort to extend the message of the Blessing to many others in Uruguay. Everyone went away uplifted and inspired by the experience of participating in this Blessing ceremony for 120 million couples worldwide.

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