Unification News for June 1998

Second Generation in Alaska

by Eugene Harnett-Kodiak, AK

If you have or know of Second Generation teens and above, this may be for you. We have put together a week-long excursion in Alaska, which includes canoeing, hiking, and fishing. It follows two weeks of consecutive Second Generation 98 summer camps, respectively in California and Washington. This one in Alaska, starting July 14, will be a singular lifetime experience.

To witness eagles flying, salmon jumping, and moose roaming will be your daily fare on this adventure. To feel the shimmering sunlight at 11:00 p.m. glowing from the slow Arctic sunset, while pairs of loons cry and mallards dance on the lake, and to see swans take flight, running like feathered stallions their webbed feet over the water, this will be priceless.

A brochure will be sent upon request. You can find a quick version of it on the web at


For more information, contact me at:


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