Unification News for May 1998

Easter Speech in Los Angeles: "She has Risen"

by Godwin díSilva-Los Angeles, CA

As we looked anxiously across the skies waiting for the plane to appear, it suddenly appeared out of a white puff of cloud hovering over Los Angeles airport (LAX). This was truly the most perfect day seen in Los Angeles in a long time.

The previous day was the storm before the calm; and how appropriate on Easter Morning April 12, the weather cleared for True Motherís Hoon Dok Hwe speech.

The plane landed and the VVIP entourage was quickly escorted to the Westin Hotel at LAX. This Hotel has the largest lobby, ballroom and Presidential Suite in the whole LAX area. In fact, True Father held a religious conference back in 1988 in this hotel. The story (as verified by the Hotel) goes that Father was quite unhappy with the decor of the presidential suite and had made suggestions on how to improve it. The Hotel at that time was known as The Stoufer ; the management then changed the suite according to Fatherís recommendations. Here ten years later how wonderful it was for Mother to stay at the suite transformed according to Fatherís specifications!

At the Presidential suite, Mother talked to the leaders and Tribal Coordinators gathered there. Emphasis was given to learning and speaking Korean. Mother urged everyone that learning to read, write and speak Korean will help us understand Fatherís words more clearly. Mother added that the Korean text of Fatherís speech takes up a lot less words and pages as compared to the Japanese or English text.

Korean language can explain the heart of God more thoroughly than other languages.

Leaders were then asked to continue and bring more people for the eveningís event

The program

Over 160 VIPS attended a special VIP reception prior to the speech. We had Ministers, Scholars, Business Leaders and others attend. Minister Tony Mohammed from the Nation of Islam attended this VIP reception The Nation of Islam attended this function with over 120 members of their congregation.

The program began promptly on time with a pre-speech entertainment offered by the International Childrenís Choir, St. Thomas Missionary Baptist Church and others. After the entertainment Rev. Michael Jenkins come up to start the main program. The main auditorium was packed with over 1500 people gathered there attentively listening and following every word of True Mother.

Presentations of the Hoon Dook Hwe books were made to various Professors, Clergy and dignitaries from the Los Angeles area.

Mother talks to Father via Video Phone.

Our Los Angeles community under Rev. In Hoi Lee is certainly very innovative; we offered as True Parents Wedding anniversary gift a video phone. It was a very pleasant surprise for True Parents. Through the Video Phone Father and Mother could not only talk but also see other on a TV screen. Rev. In Hoi Lee had planned this gift very effectively by shipping one end of the video phone ahead to East Garden. We heard that Father was truly impressed with this innovation . At this post celebration event Mother was entertained by several people including Sister Sureeta from the Nation of Islam.

Then in the closing moments of the evening post celebration program; Mother and Father in turn sang songs with the ending in a big crescendo of everyone dancing on stage. Rev. Joseph Lee from the Heavenly Vision Baptist church danced around too and seemed like he was having a thoroughly good time.

Truly this was the best Easter we have had in LA. Traditionally it is said that "He is risen" on Easter morning. Now we can boldly claim "True Mother (She) has risen !!!".

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