Unification News for May 1998

True Parents Inaugurate Bridge at the New Hope Farm

by Christian Lepelletier and John Breyer-New Hope Farm, Jardim, Brazil

When we arrived at the New Hope Farm in Jardim on May 9 after a 14-hours trip from Sao Paulo by van, a lot of activity was going on at the new bridge connecting the project to the main road, over the Miranda river. Trucks were moving back and forth to level the dirt road to the bridge until late at night. In the morning members were finishing the preparation for the ceremony and hung the banner just in time before True Parents and their group arrived at 9:00 am.

Together with True Parents and Hyo Jin Nim came a small group including Rev. Kamiyama, Mr. Joo from the Washington Times, and Peter Kim by private airplane to Campo Grande airport. There they changed to two small airplanes to fly to Jardim airport. One delegation of leaders went to their welcome at the airport, including Pres. Kim (NHF leader), Rev. Oyamada, Rev. H.T. Kim, Rev Koo Bae Pak (coming from Uruguay).

A group of local people were waiting at the entrance near the bridge; about 30 leaders and officials were present for the ceremony. True Parents arrived and walked directly to the ribbon to form a line with the main leaders and guests. Father prayed briefly and cut the ribbon, then he walked over and spread some holy salt and inspected the construction.

True Parents delegation then went by car to the main house and continued the ceremony by cutting the victory cake. True Parents and the main leaders sat at the table to share breakfast in front of the farm house, in the nature with the parrots, the song of other birds, and the emus (like ostrich) passing by. They heard some reports from Mr. Ku Bae Pak, President Kim of New Hope Farm, and Rev. Oyamada.

Then, Father stood up and decided to take a walk to inspect the buildings together with the leaders and Hyo Ji Nim. He went from to place to place to comment and give advise to Pres. Kim. In the main restaurant on 2nd floor Father sat down and ask Mr. Kamiyama and Mr. Kajimori to evaluate the buildings, then Father listened and spoke for a short time. After that he continued the walk back to the main house were lunch was served. At 3 pm, True Parents and the accompanying group departed to Porto Murtinho on the Paraguay river to go fishing.

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