Unification News for May 1998

In Memoriam Ambassador Sayed Qassem Reshtia

Geneva, Switzerland

We received the news from Geneva, Switzerland that Ambassador Sayed Qassem Reshtia passed into the spiritual world March 26. Amb. and Mrs. Reshtia were blessed in 1997 by Rev. and Mrs. Joong Hyun Pak in Geneva. Mrs. Reshtia said she is so grateful that they could receive the Blessing while they were both on the Earth.

Sayed Qassem Reshtia, born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1913, served as Ambassador to the countries of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Egypt, Japan and the Philippines. He spent 60 years in service to his country as historian, writer, journalist and respected elder statesman. He actively participated in the establishment of social and humanitarian institutions. He was active in government where he held many high positions, including Cabinet member. He was a delegate to the United Nations for many years and received awards and decorations from Afghanistan, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Japan and the Ivory Coast.

In 1979 Amb. Reshtia left Afghanistan, under enemy aggression, and received political asylum in Switzerland. There he authored novels, short stories, articles, political and historical research works. He was awarded an Honorary Cultural Doctorate in International Diplomacy by the World University Roundtable. His historical work "Afghanistan in the 19th Century" was translated into many languages and received the Khoshhal Khan award, the highest Afghan literary prize. His most recent books "The Price of Liberty, the Tragedy of Afghanistan" and "Between Two Giants" were published in 1984 and 1990 respectively. His political memoirs, published last year, became not only a best-seller overnight but also a historical reference book.

Ambassador Reshtia and Mrs. (Golalaï Kabir Seraj) Reshtia appreciated the value of the Blessing. The Ambassador is remembered as a great and dedicated person. Without a doubt, he served his world well, and abundantly.

Liselotte Perrottet, FFWPU, Geneva, Switzerland

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