Unification News for May 1998

FFWP Activities In Panama

Panama City, Panama

We have found an excellent follow-up program for members of the FFWP. This is a wonderful course for married women to improve their marriages called Fascinating Womanhood.

Any blessed sister who speaks English or Spanish ( materials are available in at least these two languages) can teach the course after studying the book. We teach the course at our HQ one evening a week for 8 weeks. The course can begin with any session, since the content of each session is fairly independent.)

Our FFWP women members are enthusiastic about the course and many have invited friends relatives to the course who have subsequently joined FFWP and attended FFWP workshops.

The course is valuable for three reasons. First, we offer the course as a social service "to strengthen the Panamanian family" and the content of the course is of such high quality it is a valuable social service and shows people that we are people truly serious about creating loving marriages.

Second, women become accustomed to going to our center and because they are so positive about the course they begin attending other FFWP activities.

Finally, all our UC blessed sisters have completed the course. They serve as hostesses and report that the course has greatly helped their marriages as well.

This is no quick fix, pop psychology course. The author is a deeply religious and successful wife and mother of 8 children. The content teaches the art of loving and understanding your husband and how to enjoy being a wife, mother and homemaker by living for others. Her material is convincing, engaging and badly needed. I myself have benefited from the book for twenty years.

In Panama , we would like to offer other courses to practically help strengthen families eventually having a "Family Institute" where people can study to create good marriages and families.. I am planning to develop another course based on material from Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Individuals and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families and our own True Family Values book.

These are the best course materials I have come across, but I would be very interested in suggestions for other books on the family and marriage.

One leader recommended a Christian book called "Marriage Savers" which teaches how non-professionals can give simple marriage counseling to help save troubled marriages..

Information about how to order the Fascinating Womanhood book and workbook is at the Fascinating Womanhood website, http:// www.andelin-2000.com

The FW book is available in English and Spanish. The workbook is available in English only.

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