Unification News for May 1998

PLA News

by Mike Balcomb-New York, NY

Here is some news from the Pure Love Alliance.

1) The new Pure Love Alliance Newsletter is available as a PDF file on the PLA Homepage at http://www.purelove.org/.

2) Also there you will find information about the Pure Love Tour. It is now pretty solid that the dates will be August 1-20. The application form can be downloaded from the Internet, where you also can find the tour schedule. I hope you can announce the tour to anyone who may be interested.

Pure Love 98 Tour of Japan and Korea

The Pure Love Alliance is happy to announce Pure Love 98! Follow the tremendous success of the Pure Love 97 Absolute Sex National Tour through 26 US cities last year, we have been invited to take the Pure Love message international with a tour to the Far East. We will visit seven cities in Japan and Korea.

This tour promises to be even more memorable than last year. We expect to be joined by hundreds of volunteers on tour and thousands of supporters at every city along the way. Unforgettable outings are planned to Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Pusan and Seoul. And we finish up with a special 3-day "Lake Resort" workshop.

The provisional schedule is:

July 27 - 29: Harriman State Park, NY [possible separate program in LA] PLA Tour Orientation; rally in NY

July 30/31: New York and Los Angeles

Leave for Japan / Arrive. [participants from other nations should arrive July 31 in Tokyo]

August 1 - 3: Orientation & practice together with Japanese tour volunteers

August 4 -11: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka: 5 city Tour of Japan

August 12: Travel to Korea

August 13 -16: Pusan, Seoul: 2 city Tour of Korea

August 17 - 19: Lake Resort: Special 3 days workshop

August 20: New York and Los Angeles: Return to the USA

We are looking for a maximum of 120 Western tour volunteers. However, spaces are being reserved for European and Russian students, and so participation is very limited. We invite you to fill in and return the application as soon as possible. The fee is $1,000, and a $100 deposit is needed to hold your space. All fees must be paid by July 15, 1998. The age limit is restricted to students in 11th grade or above, as of Sept. 1998. For more information, call PLA at (212)382-1634 ext. 209.

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