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March 1998


True Mother's American Hoon Dok Hae Speaking Tour Starts April 1

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon will begin a 16 city speaking tour in the North American Continent beginning April 1, 1998 in Washington, DC. The official title of her speaking tour will be "Blessed Marriage and Eternal Life."The tour schedule is as follows:

April 1 Washington, DC
April 2 Bridgeport, CT
April 3 Boston, MA
April 4 St. Louis, MO
April 5 Atlanta, GA
April 6 Baltimore, MD or Richmond, VA
April 7 Dallas, TX
April 8 Louisville, KY
April 9 New York City, NY
April 10 Chicago, IL
April 11 Seattle, WA
April 12 Los Angeles, CA
April 13 Denver, CO
April 14 San Francisco, CA
April 15 Minneapolis, MN
April 16 Toronto, ON

This tour is a continuation of the tour in the East.

True Parents conducted a Hoondok Hae tour to seventeen cities in Korea, from late January until mid-February. Father led a program of four hours reading in each location.

True Mother continued the tour in twelve cities in Japan. It was a great success in both countries. In Korea, mayors of many major cities, as well as local council members, educational leaders and teachers, and many VIPs attended. Despite the long program, everyone stayed and listened with great interest.

Each participant received a book of excerpts from Father's words entitled "True Parents." While True Mother was in Japan, Father visited the leaders of each major political party. He taught them that at the root of Korea's economic challenge was a moral and spiritual crisis.

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