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March 1998


The Heavenly Kingdom in Your Home

by Jim Stephens-Bloomington, IN

To create the Heavenly Kingdom in your home, the children must become aware of the presence of God and good spirits all the time.

Younger ones cannot understand so much, but the older ones need to have discussions about God, dreams, spiritual communication. They need to look for their own spiritual gifts and the ways they can communicate, receive messages and get revelations and inspirations from heaven.

Try to initiate open ended discussions. Use questions centered around the things they like. For example, say "Do you think there will still be superhero cartoons in the Kingdom of Heaven?". "What kind of person do you think you will be matched to?" "How do you know when a spirit is sending you a message and whether it's a high spirit or low spirit?" "What will it be like when we get old?"

Rather than making it a "formal" occasion (i.e. morning service) which they might rebel against, look for and pray for natural opportunities to start up spiritual sharing.

As your older children begin to grow into their own unique personalities and become responsible for their own portion of responsibility, they will hunger naturally more and more for spiritual sharing and knowledge. You can help by opening the doorway all the time. If they are curious in that moment, share with them. If they are not, just let the discussion pass. Only when they are interested will they take it in. Give them a perspective and grounding in the Principle. Keep them realizing that you are way ahead of them in life experience or else they will rebel thinking that they are smarter and wiser at dealing with their own problems than you are.

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