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March 1998


RYS Project to be Held July in Slovenia

by John Gehring-NYC

The nation of Slovenia, located in Central Europe, bordering Austria and Croatia is hosting a two part international project. The first part (July 7-10) will consist of RYS Education Training and Staff Orientation; the second part(July 11-19) will be a service project and training with the theme: "Building the Community through Youth Service".

This project will host approximately 30-40 young people from all backgrounds and cultural traditions. The RYS format of education, service, reflection, cultural visits, and outdoor activities will fill the program. Most participants will be coming from all throughout Europe but participants from other regions of the world are welcome.

The project will be hosted by the International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF), the Women's Federation for World Peace(WFWP) and the International Religious Foundation (IRF)

Project details are still being worked out but as of this time participants will meet for orientation in the capital of Ljubljana and will then travel to the southern part of the nation where they will have the service activities. Projects that are under consideration include; various environmental projects, work that will improve local sanitary conditions, restoring an ancient Roman wall, and creating a park for disadvantaged children.

Young adults from 18-30 from all religious and cultural backgrounds are asked to apply. Participants need to make their own way to the project (Ljubljana) and a fee of $ 150 is expected to help in part cover food, board, local transportation and programs.

For applications and/or further information please contact:

Simona Zbacnik
Novosadska 8, 61000 Ljubljana
Tel. 386-61-1400171/1423078 or
Fax 386-61-451402

Marshall de Souza
43 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NA
Tel. 44-171-723-0721 (ext.108) or
Fax 44-171-724-2262

John W. Gehring
4 West 43rd St., New York, NY 10036
Tel. 212 869-6424 ext. 429,
Fax 212 869-6424
email rys@pipeline.com

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