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March 1998


Chicago Ministers Speak Out on Reverend Moon, True Family Values and the Future of America

Reverend Joong Hyun Pak convened a major Regional Directors meeting in Chicago in early March. Three special ministers were invited, Rev. A. Dunlap, Rev. A. Waller and Rev. T. L. Barratt, and several Chicago Unificationists also gave valuable testimonies. The following excerpts are taken from notes of that meeting.

Rev. Dunlap: As program chairman of my denomination in Chicago, I made a plaque for Rev. Moon and got a lot of pressure not to do that. But I said I love him and am going to do it. I'd rather be a man than a mouse.

I was impressed that Rev. Moon went to jail fighting for the rights of all. Rev. Moon is color-blind; he teaches that all are equal under divine love. If we had more Rev. Moons in the world, we wouldn't have all the crime and divorce. I married a couple who kissed in the wedding ceremony for 15 minutes, and their marriage lasted for 3 months.

Rev. Moon was put in jail by the elites, though the people love him. You can't keep a good man down. Send your children to work in humble places. Rockefeller sent his sons to work in coal mines. I sent mine to work in construction. Then they appreciate education. Marion Anderson went to singing school owning one dress, her mother washed it every night. Put cardboard in her shoes.

The drug industry in America makes more money than General Motors. Who has the planes? It's everywhere, in the White House, state houses, even AME churches. College students shooting up. Now Russians are bringing their women over to be prostitutes. America better clean up its own house before worrying about Hussein. Clinton was a draft dodger, and wants to send the poor people to fight. The leaders should go to the front line. But they send the poor, and kill innocent people in Iraq.

We have to give vision. Our blacks in Chicago are divided across economic lines. I've been in jail 40 times in America. I'm 67 years old. Rev. Moon is trying to bring people together. I will die for him, because he and Bishop Kim and Mrs. Kim and Michael Jenkins believe this.

Your strongest point is that you bring all races together. Second is the strength of your marriages. Third, you have a strong family ideology and practice. It is necessary for the USA to survive. All the churches need this.

Rev. Waller - I don't recognize denominational lines. If we work together with Rev. Moon, we can change this nation. I've seen True Family Values save families in my church. It teaches them how to give and take. Dr. Moon is reaching out to mankind. You have lifted me up a lot. I thank God for what you've done and the doors you are opening.

I answer critics with the Bible-love your enemies. I can't waste my time hating people; the Bible tells me to love everyone. We have to work together in unity for Christ.

If they say Rev. Moon claims to be Jesus: we all are brothers in Jesus and with Jesus. Rev. Moon was anointed by God through Jesus Christ. He's using Rev. Moon as He uses us. The head has many members and God uses the whole body. He's using all of us. Jesus had 12 disciples. Peter could heal and teach. Jesus is using all people who serve him. Rev. Moon is representing the same God. Look at how the sun came out when Rev. Moon prayed. God sent that miracle because He was pleased with the work. Rev. Moon is here to help us.

Christians have to realize that they can remain of their own faith as well as be Unificationist. That opens up pastors to the Unification movement.

Rev. Dunlap - I don't depend on people, but on God and love. Bring the people together. It's hard, trials and tribulation, but have good cheer. Make the spiritual foundation, then economic, then social, then political. TFV is about sharing and bringing races together. If we can do that, we can bring people together.

Rev. Pak: Rev. Barratt gave great speeches at the Holy Wedding and RFK Stadium and the press conference. Also, he connected us to Minister Farrakhan. Even I was afraid of Minister Farrakhan before that. So I repent that I didn't trust Rev. Barratt. But even I get persecuted by UC community over Minister Farrakhan. Minister Farrakhan trusts Rev. Barratt.

Rev. Barratt: Rev. Pak credits me, but I credit the hand of God, working through men of God. Merging of spiritual forces is ordained by God. On a Sunday morning Bishop Pak was speaking at our church, and Minister Farrakhan phoned. I had not spoken to him for months. When I woke up, he said, you were on my heart, and you have stayed on my mind all day. I told him that the reason is that a man of God is here who wants to meet you, he is a representative of Rev. Moon. So it really came through God. My call did not get through, but God did get through. So it is God who is merging these powerful spiritual forces. No doubt. I believe the counsel of Gamiliel.

I believe my life is guided by God and there are no accidents. Every meeting is a divine providence, orchestrated by God. One of my members, Cynthia Caradine, comes rarely because of distance and children. But she heard I was speaking in her area that night, and she invited Maria Helena and Maartin to attend. It was her, and God was behind it. God is behind all of it, you are just a player to bring His plan to fruition. I could not orchestrate Minister Farrakhan phoning right at the end of Bishop Pak's sermon. I could not have interrupted the sermon for the phone call.

Let God handle it. God is smarter than us. You don't have to do wrong to let God do right.

We're all ready to work with you, and there are ministers in your communities whom God has predestined. Nothing is an accident. Keep pursuing God. God will work through the small people, like Cynthia Caradine and Maria.

We can do True Family Revivals in America. This is God's movement. It's not pushing Rev. Moon; it saving your own community. What's bigger - your hatred of Rev. Moon or your love for your people? Even the 3rd world can move to 2nd and 1st by getting the families together. When they hear us, Rev. Moon isn't such an issue. We know people all over the country. We'll travel, meet and preach. Bishop Greer will be married April 7 and wants it to be a Blessing. He's from elsewhere but will be Blessed in Chicago.

Evang. Maria Helena Tonneyck: I love ministers work. Spirit world is totally with us and the churches are open. Just go to the positive ones, there are plenty. Daily witnessing spirit is crucial. I cannot rest without calling a minister. I started ministers' work four years ago. I know so many ministers now. I am not a teacher and I do not know how I did it. But here are points:

1. Be bold and also humble.

2. No sense of making them join the Unification Church. Just love and serve them, help them. How? If they have a special event you can attend - birthdays, revivals. Attend their revivals in other churches.

3. Report everything to your central figure.

4. Go to their church even for a few minutes; if you do, they are so inspired.

5. I feel it is life or death.

6. Think about and pray for the pastor constantly. Spirit world will tell you about him. Spirit world works if you go out. I always expect a good result, even if it is a small and poor minister.

7. Always bring a gift. Financial sacrifice - never go empty-handed. A cake.

8. Bow and show great respect to the minister. I ask him to pray over the gift. Once it turned out that one poor minister’s father was a bishop over 90 churches.

9. Prepare the street address a few days before, not at the last minute. Arrive 30 minutes early, to see the building, get the atmosphere, pray, meet congregants. Never break an appointment, even if something happens in your family.

10. Follow-up immediately, even that night. Tell them you love them and you want to help them and support them. They don't have people like that. Attend them to bring them to True Parents. Don't forget the small ministers for the big ones. Call them all. I visited a small one who was sick and broke. He was so moved and invited me to a revival with a very big minister, who invited me to his church, a big wealthy one.

I gave up my Christmas to be with Rev. Barratt's small Christmas service, and he invited me to his home and family. I left my son at home.

11. Be wise, find out each minister's character. Find out what they like, their birthday. God will tell you how to break through. To do that, you must visit many times. He will never forget you if he knows you left your own schedule to help him. The work is all heart. I cannot preach, but I go there and God tells me what to say.

I kept going with Rev. Barratt even though I couldn't hardly walk anymore. It's a network; they all know each other. Whether a big or small one. You have to love them, even if you don't know what to do, you just go. I tell them I want to help their church. God exists and knows what we want. He will open the door of the church.

Rev. Jenkins - Ministers may not look too powerful, but by working with True Parents they become powerful. They become new people; God makes them great through True Parents. All the hatred is gone, even not thinking about black and white, and loving America. Now our enemy is the serpent.

If we do street blessings without doing churches, it will be a big body with no head. Without Christianity, God cannot save America.

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