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March 1998


Chicago Approach Book Developed

Rich & Yukimi Lemont-Chicago, IL

In the never-ending battle for Truth, Justice and the True Parent's Way Chicago Region 6 has developed an approach book to use in contacting Christian Ministers and familiarizing them with the True Family Values Ministry.

The book was developed in response to a request from Rev. Ki Hun Kim, regional director for Chicago. 24 pages of color photos and proclamations and letters of appreciation focus on some of the 23 Blessing activities that took place in Christian churches that TFV works with. Others show some of the TFV lecture seminars and prayer breakfasts and Awards Banquets that TFV have sponsored.

Copies of the Approach Book can be ordered from Chicago Region 6 HQ. The cost is $30 per copy. Call, fax, write or e-mail: Chicago Region 6 HQ; Attn: Nobuko; 7450 N. Sheridan, Chicago, IL 60626; TEL 773-274-7441; FAX 773-274-9860; RichLemont@Juno.com


True Parent's birthday activities this year had a new twist; Chicago Regional Director Rev. Ki Hun Kim carried birthday greetings to True Parents from the Mayor of Chicago as well as an album of cards and photos from TFV ministers in Chicago. The Chicago ministers lent substance to their wishes with a birthday gift of over $7000 to our True Parents. Some of the ministers and their cards are shown.

CAPTIONS for Photo montage:1 Rev. Thomas Jackson from New Original COGIC brought 2 buses to Blessing '97.2 Rev. T.L. Barett from Life Center COGIC. True mother spoke in his church in December 1996 and several pre-blessing ceremonies took place there.3 Dr. Hycel B. Taylor was the guest speaker before 1000 plus ministers and lay leaders at the Second Annual True Family Values Award Banquet.4 Rev. Walter Butts of Mt. Carmel Children of God has been working with Chicago church since early CAUSA campaigns and attended the ICC conferences in Korea. He has appeared as a featured singer at many TFV events.5 Msgr. Edward Bikoma gives his Masses in Aramaic, the language of Jesus, a language he grew up speaking as a boy. He has supported our work to "ensure True Family Values all over the world" since ICC days.6 Rev. Lucius Hall has supported many TFV events since he attended the ICC conferences in Korea. His position as Special Assistant to the Mayor puts him in a special John the Baptist position.7 Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley sent his personal wishes to True Parents home at East Garden.8 Rev. Connie Bansa, a recipient of the 1997 TFV Award.9 Bishop Ocie Booker, presiding bishop for Chicago sends his greetings.

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