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March 1998


Renewing America

More than 250 grassroots activists, political leaders and religious leaders gathered in Washington, DC, from March 13-15 to study a revised True Family Values curriculum, taught by Dr. Tyler Hendricks and Rev. Philip Schanker.

The gala event, held at a premier DC hotel, had the theme, "Renewing America and Our Families". Sponsored by the Washington Times Foundation, the guests speakers included a prominent former Congressman who is now a minister; a nationally famous Baptist minister; and two national recognized faith-based social activists.

The series of lectures focused on Biblical resources for marriage and family life, presenting a new paradigm for a model of a healthy family and a message of hope and renewal. The concept of True Parentship was introduced as a means to achieve family renewal in America.

The climax to the three-day conference was a marriage renewal ceremony on Sunday, where virtually every participant pledged the four vows of a God-centered family. On the stage to conduct the ceremony were ministers from several major Christian denominations.

A tour of the Washington Times newspaper on Saturday afternoon concluded there with a dinner banquet and a rousing musical presentation by a local teen Gospel choir.

Much hope for change in society was expressed during the seminar by several of the guests speakers who are prominent leaders in the emerging faith-based social action ministries springing up around the country. One such leader noted that Congress has recently allocated a $2 billion dollar "Fatherhood Counts" 5-year block grant for states to use for projects that help restore the father's position in the family.

Another speaker pointed out the recent multi-million dollar 5-year Federal grant to states for abstinence-only educational programs. These grants represent a new era in Federal spending to help restore the shattered American family.

However, spending money alone can't do the job, it was noted. Committed people with a strong faith in God need to hunker down and get into the neighborhoods where the help is needed most and SERVE those in need!

The seminar conclude on a very high note with several of the participants giving moving testimonies of their deep, heartfelt experiences over the weekend. Several more seminars are being planned.

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