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March 1998


Summer Camp Schedule at Camp Sunrise

As the summer rolls around again this year, the church and second generation committee is working together to create a summer program to inspire and educate the second generation.

Our plan thus far, includes three separate programs for three different age groups. They are as follows:

Program #1: A one week (7 day) program for region 2 children entering 4th, 5th and 6th grades. Camp begins July 25th and ends on July 31st. The cost is $190.

Program #2: A two week national high school workshop for second generation entering 10th grade and up. The workshop begins on August 1st and ends August 15th. The cost is $380. (two weeks)

Program #3: A 7-day program for region 2 children entering 7th, 8th and 9th grades. Camp begins on August 16th and will conclude on August 24th. The cost is $190.

Like last year, we will offer discounts when more than one child per families registers for a camp or the workshop. Unlike last year, however, registration and fees for all programs must be received in advance. Our next letter will include registration materials and deadline announcements.

The elementary and junior high school programs will be supervised by Dr. Kathy Winings and Mr. Brian Sabourin. The high school workshop will be co-directed by Dr. Winings and Matthew Jones (the new chair of the Second Generation Office).

Also, high school and college students age 16 and up. We know that many of you want to stay longer than two weeks for the workshop. Please consider coming early or staying a week later to help out as a counselor or assistant for the younger camps. We really need your help and support.

If you have any questions about the summer programs, please feel free to contact us at the following numbers:

Kathy - (914) 631-2901 (home)

Brian - (212) 944-7466 ext. 401
2nd Gen. Office - (212) 382-3821 ext. 209

We are confident that we will have an exciting Camp Sunrise program that will touch the hearts and minds of your families. We look forward to seeing you at camp or the workshop.

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