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March 1998


The Second Generation Committee Inauguration Held Belvedere

by Goon Koch-Tarrytown, NY

March 15th marked the beginning of a new era for the Second Generation in America when the new Second Generation Committee was inaugurated at the Belvedere Training center.

Over the past several years, Yoon Sun Park has been responsible for the Second Generation Office in the United States. As a leader, he has always invested his love and heart into his younger brothers and sisters, but now must move on.

Under Jin Hun Nim’s guidance, a committee, centering on Matthew Jones was created to take on the responsibilities of the 2nd Gen office. It was founded with the premise that each member would serve for a period of time with a constant influx of new members and fresh ideas. The first committee, now nick-named the "gang of seven" is made up of Tweeran Pumphery, Misook Kwak, Jin Man Choi, Joni (Ang) Choi, Jonathan Kirst and Dohi Ang.

Over one hundred second generation brothers and sisters, parents, and church leaders from the area attended. Among the guest were the parents of Matthew Jones, Joni Choi and Dohi Ang. Their faces beamed with pride and joy as they watch their children take up the task of building the foundation that they invested their whole lives into.

The support however, was not limited to the surrounding communities. Church and CARP leaders from across the nation sent in their words of inspiration, support and encouragement for the newly appointed committee. Some supporters were, Rev, Jun Hyun Pak, continental director, who sent Rev. Eric Holt in his stead, Rev. Kevin Thompson of Northern California, Rev. Hun Suk Lee of Region Seven and Rev. Won Jeon Kim of the Northwestern Region.

In his Inaugural address, Matthew Jones reflected upon the past accomplishments of Yoon Sun Park and the Second Generation Office. He mentioned the great success and spiritual turnaround of many as a result of the 40-day pioneering that had taken place two summers ago, and he appraised the positive impact of the Pure Love ‘97 Tour, quoting his brother saying, "I couldn’t have spent my summer in a better way." But most importantly, he personally testified to the importance of the community in which he was able to grow up. One surrounded by loving parents, elder and younger brothers and sisters, friends, all interwoven by God centered, Principled love and heart.

He pledged his and the committee’s determination to transmit to their younger brothers the tradition and ideals of True Parents by working together with the families and church to foster such a community through education, guidance and support.

Toward the end, Jin Hun Nim gave his own words of guidance. He expressed True Father’s deep concern for the second generation and his equal desire to teach not only Principle, but its practice in daily life. Programs such as the Special Task Force and the Pure Love Alliance are vehicles he created to help the Second Generation understand what it means to live a Principled lifestyle. Afterward, praises of such programs were echoed by the MC, Hoon Hwi Joo, an STF graduate himself, whose brother is currently enrolled in the program, and by Matthew Jones.

In this spirit, the newly inaugurated Second Generation committee will seek to continue a high standard of leadership and initiative to serve their younger brothers and sisters.

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