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February 1998


True Father’s Midnight Prayer

God’s Day 1998

Punta del Este, UruguayBeloved Father! Today is the very first hour to welcome the new year of 1998. Today we sent off the year of 1997 and welcomed the new year. In the world of your heart, every plan beginning from now on is for the liberation of all families of the world. I am really thankful that we can have a new year in which we can march forward to attend Heaven.

Last year, the foundation of the blessing of 40 million couples was accomplished, upon the 3.6 million couples, the 36 million couples connected to the growth stage victory. From today, toward the remaining 360 million couples, the families of all humankind should settle down centering upon absolute sex, which is God’s ideal of creation, and the couple’s relationship which is centered on absolute love.

Due to the loss of the ideal family throughout the many processes of history, towards the fulfillment of the religious aspirations throughout the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age, for the restoration of the standard of the original family through the path of indemnity, God has walked a historical path of recreation. For the reasons above, all human beings cannot avoid but begging for Your mercy.

There was a foundation of tens of millions of years of persecution and of public fighting in order to send True Parents to a chaotic world. Therefore, we received True Parents on earth. Centering on the victory of the realm of Christian Culture after 2,000 years, centering on the year of 1945, after World War II the circumstances represented the spiritual situation of the Eve nation, Abel nation, and Cain nation. At the same time, the external Eve nation, Abel nation, and Cain nation had been confronted so that the victorious foundation could be retained and Jesus was able to rule over the spiritual world.

On this foundation, the third Adam came and indemnified everything and tried to start the family level of the world. But because Catholics and Protestants could not make unity and because of the opposition of Christianity, centering on the Unification Church, this forty-year history of restoration was a bloody one. True Parents, who were sent to the people who did not know anything, had to go through a suffering course. We had become such people You could not even imagine according to Your Will.

I know very well how sorrowful You are to face this sad day. I also know the sorrow of True Parents who had to work hard until the fulfillment of their responsibility which was to establish the victorious foundation in 185 nations centering on Korea, centering on Japan, centering on America, and centering on Germany in forty years.

With this victorious foundation we have today, beyond the watershed of the Blessing of 3.6 million couples and 36 million couples on the worldwide level, and centering upon the Blessing of 360 million couples, the completion of the family identical to Adam’s family in the realm of human liberation occurred through the public hard work of heavenly Parents and earthly Parents, thus gaining approval of this time period of blessing. I am really thankful for Your grace and permission to connect this to humankind.

From now, 1998, to keep the final vertical period, centering on all humankind and with the Blessing of 360 million couples, we want to march forward to accomplish this life-or-death mission, to go over the peak of Han to accomplish Your final wish in the providential history of salvation which is the cutting off of the blood lineage of the satanic world.

The spiritual world, which has been helpful until now, the angelic world centering on God, the ancestors who stand in the position of saints which represents the angelic world, everyone absolutely must become one with the "Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth" which can bring resurrection to earth, thus You can appear on earth. I am really thankful for the grace through which we can receive the whole body, the entire directions, absolute power and authority, and omnipotence in this time period in which we can completely liberate and indemnify the Han of the Fall since history began.

Please grant that all families which were blessed within a heartistic relationship centering on True Parents may be one, and they should be an absolute object before an absolute subject, which is what Heaven desires, with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Thereafter, as Heaven wishes, they can establish the victorious Kingdom of Heaven in the heavenly world and the earthly world.

We are grateful to welcome this day centering on all men and women on this beach. We are grateful to come to the central place of the workshop on this 31st True God’s Day in the midst of nature, receiving this water which can connect Heaven and Earth. We are also grateful for this grace that can hold this memory in Heaven and on earth as the condition of grace through which your heavenly blessing can be one with earth and can be connected to all humankind. We are having rain at this moment, over 5 oceans and 6 continents, to which all land and water in the world can be connected. Please pour down abundantly the unification grace, I fervently desire and ask of You.

Such a blessing from God, to welcome the new year of 1998, at the time of the 31st True God’s Day, with the accomplishment of the blessing of 360 million couples, bringing the liberation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, which can cut off the satanic blood lineage. Please grant the appearance of the Kingdom of Heaven where we can praise the victory and glory of the realm of the fourth Adam. I fervently ask and desire Your permission to establish one victorious way for the Unification soldiers who can march forward looking for the grace of blessing with the whole body, the entire direction, absolute power and authority, and omnipotence.

Father, bright 1998 came to us. I fervently ask and desire Your permission that everyone can be victorious soldiers and determine their minds, stretch out their bodies and embrace the universe with all their hearts, so that they can engraft the whole universe to the lovely original palace, with filial piety before God, together with all things, children and parents.

As we receive this glorious New Year, we start a new day and, at the same time, start a new year. I fervently ask and desire Your permission that everyone can leave the seed which can connect 365 days to the Father’s glorious day.

Father! I fervently ask that the blessing of this year that came with a promise can fully pour out the realm of heavenly victory in Heaven and on earth. I wish Your permission that this moment can be the time of the declaration of congratulation for victory in the name of Parents and in the name of God and, at the same time, can bind together the continuity of grace. I declare and pray this in the name of True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen!

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