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February 1998


Jin-A Children Continue Tradition of Giving

Children at the Jin-A Child Care Center at 77 Jay Street in Clifton, NJ have been eagerly collecting canned goods for their annual charity project. This year the recipient was Bishop Joseph Robinson from the Assembly Holy House of Prayer in Paterson, NJ who will in turn distribute the food to needy families. Part of the school’s curriculum is to teach children about caring for the not so fortunate and caring for their community.

Bishop Robinson joined the children at their annual Christmas party on Dec. 19, where he was presented with the donation. During the holidays the focus is on religious harmony. Children learn about the deeper meaning of religious holidays such as Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and True God’s Day. After the celebration, children and parents joined in a candlelight prayer for needy children around the world.

In caring for the community, children from the pre-school and kindergarten are making their 8th annual visit to the mayor and city hall employees to sing Christmas carols. This year, children made a huge Christmas card for the mayor in gratitude for the service he and city employees provide year ’round for the city of Clifton. Jin-A Child Care Center is serving the community by providing quality child care for almost 90 children.

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