Unification News for

February 1998


Sports Fest at WCSF III

by Claude Aubert-Washington, DC

The SportsFest started at 10 am in the Washington DC convention center on November 30. The 10,000 capacity hall was almost full.

MC Mike Balcomb kicked off the opening ceremony with the Entry of the Sports Fest Athletes, and the Flag Parade of the Nations, World CARP President Jin Hun Park introduced the founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Father spoke in English about the WCSF, the importance of chastity and purity, as well as the importance of the 360 Million Couples Blessing. Father speech was followed by his cutting of the victory cake for the WCSF and the SportsFest.

Then the audience was treated to some delightful entertainment. The Eastern High School Marching Band which had already performed at RFK the day before, again inspired the audience, and as they were marching out, an announcement was made that Father had just decided to donate $20,000 to this marching band, with the wish that they may become the best marching band in the country.

Step Africa! gave local youth a chance to demonstrate their step dance techniques, while the DC Double Dutch League introduced the audience to the art of double Dutch (rope jumping). Five or six different teams of Martial artists displayed their techniques, and the George Mason University Cheer leading Team had 5 strong young men throw five young ladies in the air and catch them again over and over.

The highlight of the entertainment was Duo Design. These two Polish acrobats were awesome. While one acrobat was balancing on one arm with his hand resting on the head of the other acrobat, the other acrobat slowly changed from a sitting position to standing up. And more unbelievable stuff like that. It was really something.

The Pure Love Finale was a performance of Pure Love kids dancing and acting while a narrator explained shortly about the goals of the PLA and the PLA summer tour.

Then the first part was over and there was a lunch break. The second part consisted of "The Game of Legends," a celebrity basketball game hosted by singer Johnny Gill. Among the players of "The Legends" were former Harlem Globetrotters Tyrone "Hollywood" Brown and Curly Neal. Somehow David Eaton from the New York City Symphony had also ended up in this team!

All in all the SportsFest was exciting, though, with some real highlights during the entertainment of the morning, and an excited, youthful spirit of all the local and international participants.

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