Unification News for

February 1998


Pure Love Rally and March

by Claude Aubert-Washington, DC

Friday Nov. 28, the Pure Love Alliance started their rally and march at 12:30 PM with music by the band "Wave," About 1,000 people were gathered around the stage near the reflection pool by the Capitol building. Several speakers addressed the rally participants, and several more music acts followed. About an hour-and-a-half later the crowd doubled in size, due to the arrival of many WCSF guests from Japan and Korea.

After a great performance of the Winans Sisters (Debbie and Angie), the audience was lead in the recital of the Pure Love Pledge. Then the rally participants were organized for the march. With police cars clearing the way ahead of them, all participants marched down Pennsylvania Avenue, chanting and waving colorful placards ("Condoms can't protect your heart" was the text of many creative slogans advocating sexual abstinence.)

Around 3:30 the march reached the Ellipse behind the White House, and it seemed to me that the crowd had become bigger. My estimate is that there were between 2,000 and 3,000 people gathering at the Ellipse, almost all Unificationists. A few more people gave testimonies, speeches, and sang songs. There was an announcement earlier that the founder of the PLA would be the last speaker, but when the time for the last speaker had come it wasn't PLA founder Jin Hun Park Moon who addressed the audience but PLA president Robert Kittel.

After three cheers of Mansei, the rally participants invited to go to the Kenny Lattimore concert that was to start at 6 PM at the Washington Convention center. I couldn't make it there myself, but I can imagine that it turned out to be quite a unique event.

The Pure Love Pledge

The pure relationship of love between a man and woman is a sacred gift from God, to be cherished and honored for the sake of building a true family, healthy society and a world of peace for future generations. Once that love is consummated, it is not to be broken.

Therefore I commit myself:

• To refrain from all sexual relationships before marriage;

• To respect and honor the ideal of purity in myself and others;

• To learn how to practice pure love as a child, friend, spouse and parent;

• To dedicate myself to absolute fidelity within marriage;

• To encourage others to do the same.

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