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January 1998


New North America Continental Director

January 11, 1998, we held the Transition Ceremony bidding fond farewell to Rev. and Mrs. Joong Hyun Pak as our Continental Director, and welcoming Rev. and Mrs. Dow Soon Yim as our new Continental Director. It was a lovely ceremony, with approximately 150 New York area leaders in attendance at the 43rd Street Chapel. Regional Directors from Washington, DC, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis and Los Angeles also attended.

A number of plaques, gifts, letters and so forth were presented to the Paks, honoring their 24 years of dedication in North America. After Rev. Pak’s farewell address, Rev. Dr. Yim gave his opening speech. This is a brief resume for Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Yim:

Rev. Yim’s speech had the most dramatic ending of any speech I have ever heard. He said that just before coming to the event that afternoon, True Mother had phoned him. She asked if the inauguration had yet taken place, and Rev. Yim said no, but that it would start soon. Then Mother said that as soon as it finished, Rev. Yim should come to Japan to lead a special evangelical team there for the next three or four months! And, in the meantime, Rev. Pak should maintain Continental Director responsibilities!

Well, this was a shock to everyone, including Rev. and Mrs. Pak!

He departed for Tokyo, stating that he would return as soon as possible! He also testified strongly to his desire to learn from and inherit everything which Rev. and Mrs. Pak have accomplished in America. He called himself a kindergarten teacher suddenly in the position to teach doctoral students.

In his speeches he emphasized several important themes:

Continental Directors

The new continental directors announced at the God’s Day leader’s meeting are:



Rev. Jin Hee Yu

(72 Couple)


North America

Rev. Dow Soon Yim

72 Couple)


South America

Rev. Sun Ho Jung

(Kisong PMC)



Rev. Zin Moon Kim

(430 Couple)



Rev. Bong San Yoo

(124 Couple)


Middle East

Rev. Sik You

(124 Couple)



Rev. Myung Won Jung

(124 Couple)



Rev. Geun Sik Song

(72 Couple)

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