Unification News for

January 1998


Blessing in Liberia

by James Coleman-Monrovia, Liberia

The Liberian chapter of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification joined 184 other national chapters on Nov. 29, 1997 in sponsoring a mass wedding of 39.6 million couples. The program took place in Monrovia City Hall from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.. Many dignitaries from all walks of life were present. Among them was the Hon. Chief Tamba Taylor, an advisor to the president of Liberia. Those who witnessed the activity in Washington, D.C. included the president of the Press Union of Liberia, Hon. Augustin Zayzay, minister of state without portfolio, among others. The ceremony included already-married couples as well as single candidates for blessing.

The total number of Liberian couples participating was 17,000. News of this activity attracted public awareness beforehand, because a radio interview was conducted by Rev. Gerald B. Coleman, president of FFWPU in Liberia. Additionally, three major newspapers released information about FFWPU, bearing the photo of True Parents. As the news was publicized, people were attracted by the engagement of men and women who had never met each other before, as well as previously married couples.

The Blessing efforts are the collective results of work by Japanese, Koreans, Americans and Liberians. Teams were sent to the 13 counties of Liberia, conducting workshops and pre-Blessing ceremonies. One of the major pre-Blessings included the participation of the following ex-presidents of Liberia: Prof. David Kpomakpo, Dr. Amos Sawyer, the Hon. Sangarwolo and Mrs. Ruth Sando Perry.

The participating couples, both VIP and non-VIP, were brought to understand that this is a message given by God to True Parents, who have come to change Satan’s evil control of humanity through eliminating evil by advocacy and practical measures. It points out that when God created the first parents of mankind, He desired to see the reflection of His nature in them. Had they succeeded in achieving that oneness with God, they would have produced the quality of parent in perfection. From that would have come children of goodness producing good history.

Through our education program, the participating couples were brought to believe that the purpose of the Blessing is to bring one into the blood lineage of True Parents, and cleanse his original sin. The couples are also required to follow the pattern of True Parents and bring people to understand in the same way. 

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