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WCSF Welcome Letter by DC Mayor

As Mayor of the District of Columbia, I am pleased to extend a warm welcome to you for your participation in the World Culture and Sports Festival III to be held November 23-30, 1997, in Washington, DC. Tens of thousands of participants from 185 nations, representing all races and each of the world's major faiths, will gather in celebration of the universal value of family, believing that a peaceful family of nations begins with nations of peaceful families. Nine international conferences, artistic and cultural presentations, an international youth sports competition, entertainment, fireworks and more, will fill our city during the week that America celebrates our Thanksgiving holiday.

We are proud to welcome each of you who have come to affirm your commitment to building God-centered families. The festival's centerpiece event is "Blessing 97," which will link millions of couples worldwide by satellite in an interfaith celebration of marriage. Washington, DC, our nation's capital, and a diverse, multi-cultural city, is a fitting location for this international event. I would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation for you to visit our many historic sights and scenic locales which make "America's First City" a unique place to live, work and visit.

On behalf of the residents of the District of Columbia, I hope all of you enjoy the warmth and spirit of the holiday season during your visit.

Marion Barry, Jr. Mayor District of Columbia

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