Articles From the November 1997 Unification News


East Garden Reports

This is based on unofficial notes taken by Dr. Tyler Hendricks at East Garden, October 28, 1997.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak's Report:

Last week (ending Oct. 25) the pre Blessing result: 21,533,000 total. Africa over 11 million. Japan 1.3 million. Nigeria: 5 million, mainly through the Christian ministers. They were blessed in 1995, and Father told them to keep their own churches and teach DP and true family values. Their churches grew while others shrank. Thus they are grateful to True Parents and have confidence to stand on the front line for the 3.6 million couples blessing. They work with their own communities and other churches.

Kathy Rigney promised to fulfill by Nov. 29 3.6 million blessings, and they are far beyond that. Now the suffering continent is receiving the blessing.

2nd is Korea, 2.11 million, even with Christian churches still negative. 3rd is Ghana, 1.97 million. 4th is Ukraine, 1.92 million, totally guided by spirit world. 5th is Sudan, 1.35 million. 6th Philippines, then Japan, Zaire, 9th is Kenya, 10th is Taiwan, 676,000.

This result is not by our organization, planning or physical effort, but by Spirit World and Heavenly Father. Our members' faith and heart is strengthened. They recognize the living God and True Parents. Tomorrow is October 29, one month to go. I will focus the press conference on the heart of the WCSF III, which is Blessing 97.

This was the first time we received an invitation letter from a Mayor. Now a major southeast Asian government has officially invited WCSF IV. Six years ago they were persecuting us, with our leadership in jail. Now the country's media is promoting the Blessing and True Parents. Their blessing result is pretty low so far, but they will bless the entire country all at once. Who knows which country will invite next? Ukraine? North Korea?

The living God is supporting this Blessing activity. If you work, you will experience it yourself. I am curious what the media's response will be tomorrow. I am confident; who can deny this wonderful vision?

Koo Bae Park's Report:

Koo Bae Park reported on Father's 43 day visit to South America. This last trip was difficult and painful for TP. They left NY on 9/15, the day before chusok. Their plane is where they celebrated chusok, with rising sun on left and setting moon on right.

The Paraguay River was the first place Father checked after 7.8, when he stated that all remaining for TP is to check every place in the world. 9/16-20 stayed in Corientes, then moved to Amazon, Casserres, on 9/20. It was the day Father's representatives were visiting North Korea, and Father had to pray for their success.

We prepared 2 days in Casserres, and boarded a boat bound for Pantanao, a famous place. That region is swampy, with many small rivers, 700 km by 600 km. It took six days to traverse by boat. Every 50 km, we set a sign on a stick, numbered 1, 2, 3 etc. The first two, Father pounded the hammer. It is not easy to do that, because it is swampy ground covered with growth, and we had to clear the area, walking through the water, getting bitten by bees and ants. We set 63 sticks with signs along the Paraguay River down to Buenos Aires. There are billions of large ants. They climb trees and build condominium like homes. When it is dry, the work on the ground. When it rains, it floods, and their homes are built right above the water level. Father checked every type of life and landscape. Yet whenever he found time, he had us reading his speech books.

After those six days, Father spent a few days in Uruguay, and then to Jardim, thence to Bulto Bulchini, where Father fished and researched the future of fishing there. Based in the Americana Hotel, several days.

Then to the Amazon. Father had told the Korean National Messiahs in South America to catch 40 of 4 different types of fish, and so he did it himself at that location. They must fly to that area, where these fish are plentiful.

The Paraguay River divides South America east and west. The Amazon divides it north and south. Brazil looks like a brain with a lot of blood vessels, the biggest of which is the Amazon. It ranges from one mile to 60 km wide. We stopped in six cities. Each day we followed this schedule: arrived by plane in a city at 7 am, prepared one and a half hours, explored in a boat some 100 miles circumference, then in the evening read Father's speech book. Then at 7 am we flew by plane to the next city.

The Amazon is vast, deep and wide. It is impossible to explain. This untouched, fertile land, unpolluted, Father wants to give humanity as a gift. The headwaters of the Amazon and Paraguay rivers are 4 km apart. By connecting them, South America can be united.

Father taught us: the Garden of Eden was untouched, as is this South America land. It has unlimited resources. Father wants to protect it until later, when he can give it to humanity. We will create a new civilization in the 21st century, and South America will be the Garden of Eden for the true family-centered community to be built in. He will bring all scholars, UN university, etc. there; he will do whatever is necessary. By this, as a side product, we will have plenty of natural resources and be able to mobilize neighboring countries, develop transportation and media, including newspapers.

We saw many small villages containing 10 to 20 houses. They love to stay there, not go to urban areas. Father wants to bring them medical services, so they can remain pristine Adamic families. Eventually we can join them. They live very naturally and have plenty of land, so they don't fight over land. But there are 7 men per 3 women. So they steal wives, and daughters, and fight over that. We can solve it by bringing in brides for matching.

The boat captain told me that I look like an Indian. I heard the same in Alaska. I am proud to be their cousin, and to be able to save them. (Father: save the Westerners too).

It was so hot, steaming. We all got blisters on our mouths. But Father never changed the schedule. Father was exhausted and the heat was unbearable, but Father pushed us, saying this is where we can build the Garden of Eden.

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