Articles From the November 1997 Unification News


Change in New Jersey Unification Community

by Christine Libon-Paterson, NJ

Rev. Kil Hwan Kim has been helping members to revamp the church on Van Houten Avenue in more than just external ways. Specifically, the Youth Ministry is a targeted area. Over the past several months Mrs. Maxine Becker, Mrs. Jeanne Carroll, Mr. David Balise, Mrs. Ursula Kohama and many other wonderful respected brothers and sisters have been seriously reforming many activities for the second generation. Twenty-seven teachers are currently involved in the Sunday School, which is now divided into five age groups. The national curriculum developed by Kathy Wynings is being used. Some teachers have been volunteering for years with no compensation. Mr. Brian Sabourin is a bright new light, inspiring everyone with his constant giving, serving and loving.

Activities for the youth include Sunday School, The Violets (performing arts club), Teen Nights, and now the soccer team! Mr. Tony Vozza heads the soccer, assisted by Carlos Libon, Peter Elliffe, Neil Angelino, David Konn, Mike Lima, and Steve Sprague. Both the children and parents are grateful and excited to go to the field for an active game after Sunday School. The girls teams display most enthusiastic and action-packed games. Some skill training is also offered. There are ideas to play area teams, such as Westchester. With the winter season on its way, there might be table tennis indoors. Other future plans are up our sleeves.

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