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Response to Negative Times-Picayune Article

by Edgar M. Sierra Jimenez

I wrote this letter to the editor, published in the New Orleans Times-Picayune, in response to a negative article about True Father. My friends Thomas L. Smith, a lawyer, and Mr. Carlos Castillo, a restaurateur, contributed to the body and argument of the letter. Although they are not members, they are both well informed about Father and the teachings of the Divine Principle.

In general, the response to the letter was positive. I hope we can combat the bad publicity with the truth.

Your take on Pure Love Alliance morally faulty

James Gill’s Aug. 31 column on the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Pure Love Alliance not only ridiculed family values but also reflected the liberal view that under the First Amendment individuals are free to degenerate and destroy society.

I totally disagree with Gill’s premise that freedom of speech gives people the right to slander religion, just as freedom of speech doesn’t give people the right to denigrate black people, incite violence against Jews or to advocate the violent overthrow of our government.

Whether Mr. Gill knows it or not, there are restrictions to freedom of speech.

If freedom of speech does not extend to advocating the violent overthrow of our government, it should not extend to overthrowing the family via pornography. Women should not be treated as objects; their sexual exploitation has nothing to do with pursuing the truth and everything to do with the destruction of family values.

Why should people be free to destroy the very foundations of society, which is the family?

Why are individuals like Mr. Gill so interested in ridiculing long-proven beliefs such as chastity before marriage, fidelity within marriage, and marriages between men and women?

No one can deny that these are solid foundations to a stable society. Could it be that Mr. Gill has been so corrupted by the advocates of political correctness to the point that virginity, chastity and fidelity are values that he ridicules when he says, "These virgins, being moralizers, are so humorless that they cannot see how funny they are. Any group that can urge others to ‘honk for purity’ lacks a sense of the absurd."

This attitude of tolerance toward promiscuity and pornography is the reason behind the rapid decline of family values in this land. Instead of promoting family values, Mr. Gill should denounce rap artists for promoting sodomy in their lyrics, and homosexuals for promoting a political agenda based on homosexuality.

Instead of ridiculing the Pure Love Alliance, Mr. Gill should praise and commend these "crusaders for chastity," as he calls them, because they are trying to reverse the obvious trend of self-destruction in our country. Until our moral compass does an about-face and changes drastically, we will continue on our path toward destruction.

How long can our country survive when the very foundations which built this great land of ours are whittled away by perverted advocates of decadence who justify their immorality with the First Amendment?

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