Articles From the November 1997 Unification News Looking for Web Links

by Gary Fleisher-Denver, CO

The web site I am creating at is looking for links. If you know of a Unification resource on the World Wide Web, email the url to Gary or go to and leave a message for the webmaster. (A url is a location, for instance "" is a url.)

Currently has over 40 links to businesses, spiritual resources, educational institutions, and organizations that are associated with Reverend Moon. To view these links enter in your browser. When you reach select "Library" from the navigation bar. Once in the Library select "www Links" from the library navigation bar. You will see an alphabetical list of sites. Future plans are to put linked sites in a searchable database, to make it easier to find the kind of site you are looking for. began testing in September. It is now up 24 hours a day, every day. About 5,000 pages of Unification data is now available. This is about one half of the contents of the Unofficial HSA-UWC BBS. The other 5,000 pages should be up by True Parents' Birthday 1998. is the continuation of the Unofficial HSA-UWC BBS. The BBS, founded in 1986 by Reverend Moon, contained a huge archive of Unificationist material. Only a small part of this material has previously been available on the web. Most web sites lease space, and cannot afford enough space to put the content of the HSA-UWC BBS on line. However, owns its own Internet Server, making it possible to hold the whole HSA-UWC BBS and continuous new additions.

Books that are already available on line include:
Proclamation of the Messiah
Blessing and Ideal Family
Exposition of the Divine Principle (1996)
God's Will and the World
Father's Course and Our Life of Faith, 21 talks by Reverend Won Pil Kim
Restoration of True Love
Divine Principle Level 4
Sermons of Reverend Sun Myung Moon (Several volumes)
The Divine Principle (1973 - Black Book)
God's Will and the Ocean
Textbook for World Peace
Twelve Talks of Reverend Moon
RSV and King James Bibles (with Apochrapha)
The Tradition, Book 1 (with diagrams and index) contains endless information about the ministry of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, his family, and his followers. Email contributions (files not money) to When you visit, please leave comments or suggestions. Tparents wants its web site to work for you.

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