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"Spirit Talk" Is On The Air!

by Greg Davis-Long Island, NY

"Good evening, ladies and ‘gentlebeans’-welcome to Spirit Talk! I am glad you tuned in this evening. Welcome to ‘The Quiet Revolution’ with your host and fellow traveler, Greg Davis."

If you were to tune in to WCNJ 89.3 FM on your radio at 10pm Saturdays, that is what you would hear. I am happy to announce that I am joining the ranks of radio talk/disc jockeys currently hosting talk format shows.

My show is featuring contemporary upbeat music-with-a-message, interspersed with talk segments dealing with contemporary news issues and stories reported and commented on with a decidedly spiritual (DP) point of view. I intend to "tell it like it is" without preaching and let the listeners decide if the message is right.

The spirit world is sending many messages now to people of faith as well as those of a sincere conscience, about important events taking place at this time in history. Witness the phenomena of the funerals of both Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, the Promise Keepers rally, and of course Blessing ’97. These were spiritual events. In many cases people may not be aware of the providential significance of these events but nonetheless they are being led to participate. I am reminded of the movie "Field of Dreams," in which the main characters were "inspired" to go all over the place without realizing why they were doing it, but at the same time being firmly convinced that it was important to do so.

The show is broadcast live from the WCNJ New Jersey studio every Saturday night and is picked up in the middle New Jersey area, as well as in parts of Long Island’s south shore and outlying Philadelphia. It is also carried by several satellite networks throughout the country. Listeners can call in to an 800 number (800-900-0190) nationwide, or locally (732-888-7775) to comment or have a discussion on air. There will be guests both in studio and via phone, from time to time, dealing with many different subjects and issues.

I have worked for over a year to get "on the air" and I am determined to play a part in this "gentle coaxing." I have received a lot of support and encouragement from many brothers and sisters in this effort, for which I am deeply grateful. I invited you to tune in, and call in. See ya on the "radio"!

Greg Davis is a UTS grad living and working in Long Island. If you are interested in helping to support this program or want more information, call him at 516-667-1056.

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