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Super Highway of True Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

These are excerpts from unofficial notes taken by Dr. Tyler Hendricks at the sermon given Sunday, November 16, 1997, at the Belvedere International Center, Tarrytown, NY. The translation was by Rev. Peter Kim.

Chinese characters are very different from western characters. Chinese characters create beautiful combinations of ideas. (Peter Kim explains the Chinese characters making up the term, super highway, far too complex to recount.) Western characters do not have these sub-thoughts, so westerners cannot dissect the subtlety of thoughts unless it is expressed out loud and explicitly.

Therefore, westerners are noisy, Asians are silent. While they are silent, they are thinking about their past and present, and making a plan for the future. If you talk and joke about these things, you lose everything, because nothing is reserved. In order to find the truth, Father lived in a quiet place, for days and weeks saying nothing.

The most precious thing in this world is your parents. Do western youth understand how precious their parents are? In English, the word "you" makes no distinctions vertically. Why are your parents so precious? Because your love stems from your parents. In order to seek love, you need your parents; they are the prerequisite for love. Your parents like true love the most. Your life, future, parents, everything is connected to true love. It is the starting point.

Everything comes from the love relationship, subject and object. Every level, from man and woman to minerals. They meet because of love, for the sake of love. So, human life is simple. We are born out of love, we live to give love, we achieve love and for the sake of love pass into the spirit world.

Every existing being needs true love, not secular love. Everyone likes real flowers and pure gold. Even your finger likes truth. Your finger wants to touch a true being. Every infant wants to touch the parents, and you want to touch the child, because he is true.

Do you have true eyes, which are happy to watch true entities? Your wife produced many children and is getting heavy, and a beautiful young woman appears. Do you keep looking at your wife? Do you really have that quality of eyes? Do you really love your parents? Doesn't the baby at the breast look at the mother's face as beautiful, and not judge any flaws? For the baby, the mother is most beautiful. The baby tries to touch the mother's face.

Why? because of the power of love. Do you have a true nose and ears? Do you seek to hear true sounds? True ears are the ears that drop everything when they hear the mother's voice.

Our five senses are there to connect us with true beings, not false beings. Is stealing right or wrong? It is wrong. So your hands have to go the right direction. We have an original desire to connect to the right things, in all things we do. The rightness of a thing is defined by true love relationships. If the absolute true love being sets the direction, everyone likes unification and peace. It is not possible to achieve unification through money, power or knowledge. Minds, eyes and all senses

There is heavenly fate in the universe. One of its functions is to chase out unprincipled (individualistic) entities, those which have no relationship. Heavenly fate is to protect and promote the subject-object relationship. The highest relationship is true love. So, every existing being wants to relate with a higher being.

In Alaska, a male deer can gather 52 females. When another male enters his territory, they fight and the females watch, and go with the winner. The females want to connect with the higher being, to create stronger offspring. Women have the same desire.

True love has many dimensions. You want to seek the higher beings, as well as all different sizes. Each person wants to carry all the true love in the universe in your bag. You are almost collapsed by carrying the heavy bag. How can you carry it? (With my wife!) You are pulled up by your love subject. The eternal vertical subject of true love is God. As long as you are connected with God, the universe of true love can be yours.

This is an attribute of universal law. It relates to everything, to every subject. As object of this, it takes hard work to come up to its level. The secret of how to be a filial child is to return everything our parents gave to us, in eternity. The same method defines a true spouse, and the next goal is to be a true family. A true family is one in which each member is ready to give everything for others. That family will exist for eternity.

Are this world’s people true people? No. You can ask God. Even if one is not perfect, at least one should humbly seek to be so, while repenting. Instead we hear them boast of being such a great man or woman. God will turn away. If you understand this, you can know the meaning of the Kingdom of God. Are you confident to enter there? Even taking as much time as necessary? Even eternity?

Because no one could reach this, God had to send the Messiah. The purpose of the messiah is to give the blessing of marriage, to marry people. God's desired world is still vacant. We fell, descendants of Adam and Eve, with no qualification to live in the Garden of Eden. So, even if it takes billions of years, in the spirit world, we have to build that kind of world. Beginning from Adam and Eve, even the good ancestors and Jesus and the saints, none are qualified to enter than world.

So Jesus taught to love our enemy. Embrace the world as we embrace our spouse. The family is the micro-world. The family is the palace of love. Through family unity comes unity of above and below, left and right, front and rear. Parent, child, husband, wife, brother sister. By the relationship comes the power of love by which we are elevated. The higher the speed of love, the greater the power of elevation. That course from the center up is the super highway of true love.

Beyond family is tribe. Love draws everything up here too. It is the same on level of the people, the nation. But if there is a downward power, you cannot advance. The power pulling you down power is self-centeredness.

Wives should be able to die 100 times for your husband. Then God will come down to you. If you cannot go beyond loving enemies, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. You are called to recreate your enemies, which is harder than creating in the first place.

If the family totally gives for the tribe, then the family doesn't exist any more, but is the center of the tribe. It didn't disappear, but was elevated to the higher level. The entire tribe then can live for the national level.

So, Adam and Eve would have been the center of every level up to God. Becoming one with God, that moment we would see lightning and thunder. Every cell of God would become Adam and Eve's cell. [Something about opposite sex power.] God and Adam and Eve would have been knocked out together. All universe connecting there, centering on God. All people want this reality world. Invest yourself to find this. Then everything would be dancing. You have heard that you are better than Father, so you should

This is the world of total freedom. We can all shout mansei! Amen! Ascending to the kingdom of heaven is no problem by this principle. This world was lost because of the fall of man, so a man should emerge out of this fall and become true parents.

God first created man, then woman. Western women may want to take the plus position, leading men. Ask children, people of the past and future, all will agree that the upper part is plus, the lower part minus. The center point is where they meet. When you make love, the man should be in the upper position. The woman is in the shape to receive the water, therefore in the lower position, so it does not spill. We receive the seed of life from Father, passing down all the way.

We should use the term, global family, not global village. The family divided at the beginning, so we are able solidify it. If you can create the center family, then the kingdom of God can be created instantly in the world. Is there a food industry in spirit world? An automobile factory? Airplanes? True love works in the world of essence. Everything is possible in the spirit world, as long as you have a mind of love. You can create just as God has done. You can put diamonds on your nose, ears, e

Love power is the power of motive. Absolute love being there means your instant feeling and intuition can be actualized right there. Father travels into that world, even while sitting in prison, although he is very serious. To travel there like Father, you should be able to go beyond death. Then no suffering can separate you. But you cannot enter that world by yourself. You enter with your spouse. That is why Father is promoting the Blessing for all humanity.

There was no one but Eve for Adam. He had no choice, no ability to make a selection, no second person. The electric power would increase the more contact they have. Adam and Eve's bodies would become one. Then they can roll together. By doing so, their sexual organs eventually meet and God cannot even separate them then. Then God will declare that what is mine is yours, yours in mine, the entire universe is yours and mine together. I am in you and you are in me.

Father has prepared this super highway which can take you everywhere, on such a roller coaster ride.

Last Nov. 1, Father returned to South America and he declared the settlement of the FFWPU and liberation from indemnity. No more obstacles. That’s why Father declared the cosmic realm of Sabbath. So we can receive God; He can come to our level. Now God is no longer behind us, but can come into us. Every level of being can travel on God's highway--a family, a society, a nation, a world.

When I told you to fulfill the 3.6 million couple blessing, no one had confidence. But now we have over ten times that. Father knows that 360 million couples can be achieved within 6 months if you all become like Father. But how much can you? Father built the superhighway, and gave you the best car, but your task is to get the gasoline. I can travel in any way.

How can we cut Satan's lineage? It is difficult in God's position, so the messiah had to come to the earth. At the time of the Exodus, God separated the Israelites from the fallen kingdom. By the same token, although Father has taught everything, if some people remain behind, there will be a line drawn, as at Exodus. Consider: even the first children of God, Adam and Eve, the only ones, when they made a mistake, God cut them off. It will be the same for us. Only God knows the final day when the

So Rev. Moon is serious. True Parents cannot be a dictator, like Stalin or Hitler. When God had to sacrifice those He loves, it was because the time had come. When we do not fulfill our responsibility, suffering inevitably comes about. Now is the time of the second coming. We do not know what will happen. A fearful time will come. Father's lifelong motto is to march until the end, his entire lifetime.

Every level of the world, nations, religions, all of them, need True Parents. Even God needs True Parents. Parents determine blood lineage. Everyone understands this and can restore their historical status. 360 million homes will affect about three billion people. This will reach all leaders. If there had been no fall, then Adam would have been the king of every level. God's form would be Adam's form.

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