Articles from the October 1997 Unification News


Red Oak Academy - Alternative Education in the Greater New York Area

Red Oak Academy, a newly founded school, officially opened its doors in September 1996. Named for the state tree, Red Oak Academy offers an alternative to traditional education for children in first and second grades living in the greater New York area. Through the inspiration of Mrs. Ginny Christofferson and the innovative teaching of Mrs. Jeanne Carroll, Red Oak Academy started last year with 4 first-graders in the Carroll residence. Through personal funding, the school moved to officially lease classroom space in a public elementary school in Verona, New Jersey. Operating as an "alternate name" business, the school is under the auspices of Jin-A Child Care Center directed by Mrs. Christl Brunkhorst. This school year the Academy has 6 first-graders and 6 second-graders.

After thoroughly researching a multitude of curricula the Academy settled on an individualized, mastery-based approach to instruction. Currently a Christian program which is self-accelerated and self-motivated, and which "paces" the student at their own level is utilized. Each student is constantly being challenged academically, but not frustrated or bored; therefore, students of diverse ages can be taught in the same classroom, reminiscent of the one-room schoolhouse.

The daily routine is based on Shim Jung philosophy. Our desire is to support the role of the parents in raising children to be conscientious world citizens. Divine Principle study, Bible study, Animal Science, Creative Writing and Word Building are offered, as well as Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science, English and Computer Skills. It is the desire of the Academy to expand at least one grade level each year.

If any parent is dissatisfied with the way their child’s education is progressing this year, the Academy is looking for new students to start at any time. Diagnostic testing is available to place the child at his or her own level, as well as to uncover any learning gaps which may be present. The fee for the Academy is $225 per month and $155 for each student thereafter from the same family. Please call Jin-A Child Care at (973)279-1203 during regular business hours; the Academy between 2 and 4 pm at (973)571-1318; or Mrs. Jeanne Carroll at home (973)361-7557 after 6 pm. Any support both spiritual and physical would be greatly appreciated.

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